In Fine Decay

Title art by Amy Ballinger. Click image to visit her studio.

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Paul McCartney & Wings “Live And Let Die”

Cut me to the bone
Make me bleed in thine name
Paint the town deep red
With the tears of my veins
Steal my last breath
Feel my life slip away
For, in death
I invite no decay

Kiss me back to life again
My lips desire your taste
Bite me
There’s no crime against a little kind disgrace
Choke my skin wide open
In blood soaked embrace
I have faith that not a drop will go to waste
Bury me smiling
Please no crying at my wake
For dying is a trip I’m primed to take

Death seems most becoming
By your side
Nothing more than overnight
For infinite tomorrows
Some may deem this oversight
Those overwhelmed by sorrows
Beggars mostly
Living lives they borrow
Hollow are the eyes of fate
That leer at us behind the grate
Preaching undesired abate
Of destiny deprived by hate
Teaching us to judge or else be judged for our inaction
Driving us to desperate distraction
In your arms, I’m charmed escape
From oubliette of vessels claimed
With precious death my restive benefaction

Cut me to the bone
Enthrone the heart within
Condone each major artery
To bleed in thine fine name
Initiate the jettison
Do so bereft of hesitancy
Please do so, my eminancy
Douse this night my shade
Take that blade to lace crotcheted
Until my eyes dress opaque glaze
Paint the town deep red
With the tears of my veins
Steal my last breath
Feel my life slip away
For, in death
I bid recline in fine decay.

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. She is a fighter, your prey, your stalker
    But must you torture me making me wait
    and I shall be in agony til the next chapter! Grrrr!! Keeper, you tease me!!
    ;D xoxoxo

    1. The torture has not yet begun Sweetest. I fear that before the night is through much blood shall spill.

      Drink it in and spread wide those resplendent Crimson Wings xoxoxo

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