The Wound Man




Featured art by L.H. Grey



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Rammstein “Mein Herz Brennt, Piano Version”




I took it like a man


they can’t take that away from me


I suffered silently


while the world i once knew buffered


and each of these spiteful spears


looked inside of me



results inconclusive


and hardly conducive


to getting a grip

once it slips


ill-equipped to press on


there was nowhere to go


no place I could hide


and this torture was


s  l  o  w


such bitter confection


and from every direction


no exception
to this rhythmless section


nothing ventured nor gained


just a backlog of pain


so much loss
not a half ounce of gain



short straw had been drawn
and my flesh was war-torn


never more
main attraction for scorn




come and stare at the freak


watch him shriek


read him weep


would have been more humane


just to put me to sleep


time of death had long passed


every breath was my last


and each cross I bore
tore me further a  p    a      r        t


all the while


lining up to defile



five points left to prove


set to counter each move


pen me in

pin me down

stab me up


but then how come these blades were pristine

and why did their march not proceed


would have had no complaints

at this point


would have done me a favor


needed something to savor


as last rites could no longer be wavered


use your head

and play dead

slip away

damaged brain



take the low road


to gridlock


as youre the last one to know you’ve been slain


cystic vein all but drained


conclusion foregone

wont be long


lest you learn your own grate



tell it straight


use that beautiful mind



theres still time


I was bared to the bones


and the pain was full-blown



though the rust I detected
seemed to keep me protected


it was far more than I had expected


i was no less defective


my wounds were still gaping


and twenty-one grams
still intent on escaping


but no longer did i feel quite so caged in


not to say these wounds weren’t substantial


having been so crudely dismantled


but they sealed


over time


and the voice of an angel
wouldn’t hear me resign


paid my dues now for every last crime


im still mortally wounded

but it’s no longer conclusive


giving up wasn’t in natures plan


as for every last wound on display

to this day


I took every last one like a man





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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    1. Thank you Susan. This one was really important as it enabled me to draw out any poison left from my December debacle. Grey created the Mixed Media Art as a vessel and it all fell into place naturally from there. It’s a piece with tremendous intimate meaning and we hope it can offer light to anyone suffering from their own open wounds.

  1. My Sweet Lady Grey,

    I return to “The Wound Man” often and, every time I do, my heart swells way beyond capacity. When you created this wonderful mixed media piece and revealed it to me for the first time, I knew precisely what to do.

    You knew of the pain I had endured and this enabled me to banish a number of demons in one fell swoop. In my entire life, that is one of the sweetest gestures I have ever known. You empowered me to show my scars, kissing each of them in turn, and I owe my new-found strength and vigor for life to the love which you have placed in me and that which you show me constantly.

    Then we have the glorious audio you selected. I have always been a huge fan of Rammstein but had no idea that Till Lindemann was such a masterful poet.

    “they come to you by night
    and steal your small hot tears
    they wait until the moon wakes up
    and press them in my cold veins”

    The piano version of Mein Herz Brennt will forever hold a very special place in my deepest soul’s heart. Thanks to you. My love. My light. My life.

    1. “There is this pull between us…a science that is strange and seductive,
      heavy with feeling…thick and layered like atmosphere.

      Within this energy, so lovely, we find ourselves constantly in the middle of each other.”

      You, my glorious White-Knighted King, are just simply…my reason. December was a profound month, for it brought you into my life, and the most crystalline love I have/had/will, ever know. You are the Alpha and the Omega of love for me. I adore you, I am protective of you and your honor, I am thankful beyond what mere words can state for your existence. You are my hero, my strength, my light and my love…and you, make this world the most beautiful place it could possibly be by existing, by seeing me, and by the love that you so generously give to me.

      1. My life began at you. Shall finish with your hand in mine. And will never ever end because of you.

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