My Monarch





To the Monarch of my heart…

The afterglow within your eyes is that
of long since forgotten fairytales
Incandescent, you emanate
Warmth and brilliance
You bring tranquility to shattered hearts
And courage, where it has been destitute

Dancing amidst the Grey you are the time of no shadows
For you are both light and darkness…

The power you possess, is both fierce and gentle…

You can tame the most savage beast
And charm the midnight creatures of the forest
A Seraph, Lion, Knightly King,
Child of the sun and the moon

You hold the cosmos within your fingertips
Opening yourself to those in need of solace
Your embrace is that of sincere consolation

And primal guardianship

Within your heart, eternity resides

Your soul, crystalline as glass yet, profoundly unbreakable
Eyes that tell the secrets of Atlantis
Whilst holding within a warriors ferocity,

saved for only the battlefield.

The flames burning within you…
Cause the fires of hell to bow in your presence

Wings that are unparalleled in their splendor
Delicate, yet capable of carrying a legion of lost souls upon them

A Seraph, A Spartan…

Every luminary takes residence within you
The most opulent display of alchemy
A smile which sojourns time in his tracks
Instilling the notes within the soul of every songbird
And from it, I am fairly certain, each Muse draws inspiration…

You are gossamer and ash, and the completion of my mortal coil

I recall not, the first time your soul spoke to mine,

However I know that upon hearing it,

The winter season of my heart transitioned to Spring…

And has not been cold since.

Your reflection lives within me
More vivid with each day passing
These sentiments that my soul has set to scribe…
Are as innumerable, as my love for you is infinite.

Wrapping me in the velveteen cloak of your arms
You stoke the embers that had eclipsed… reigniting my flame ten-fold

You came to me once in a dream… it was the vision which kept me alive
Sunk deep within my pallid heart you placed a promise
That you would one day return to me
Bearing the script of our long lost love

These things kept true,
You returned to my side and your kiss upon my soul
Was the breath that saved my life.





L.H. Grey


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