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Boy Harsher “Pain”




As the sun weeps its last
I discern distant masts


Blackened galleon
making waves look so pale in contrast


sucking the mist from the moonless skies
as she glides
slicing right through these frothy white tides


Soaking in every fear
Every silvery tear


Theres no way to embargo
Her unprecious cargo


The course is now set
coordinates locked


caressing low tide
she is primed now to


I wear this rusted anchor around my neck as a pendant


No fancy
as this crooked cross I bear is ascendant


Theres no chance for me to back out
Each advance leads me to






Pallid canvas it taints
As this vessel acquaints


But the impression it leaves
is unclear
Outline faint


Cometh darkness
solemn shadows
Do your worst


For such I doth thirst


Must confess


Wish to host thine caress
upon my sinful pale flesh




Paint it black
Take me back
to the home I disown


Take my blessing


For tis full and ’tis final this night


Make love to mine hate
Coax it out
bitter yolk


Put your hands around mine throat
Let it stifle and


Make me
for your


Let me


B  r  e  a  t  h  e


Taunt me
Flaunt your inked majesty
Take me captive


Set me free
darkest night


Let me be
starkest night


Be mine gown
as I waltz barefoot through this town


Oversee this
I decree this
and will not be talked down


Dainty dance most macabre
ankle chain
Rusted barb


as I skip the forbidden

Grey-Chapel path


Cloaked in daggers
cleaving throats
to the gristle
as I swagger


A damsel dressed not for
Not unless
I discern your unspoken request


Tenebrous you may be
but you see
I regret to inform
youre no hazard to me




Doth I resemble a portrait
Disassemble in your wake


No mistake
Should thine make


This soul of mine is not your prize to take


Make the most of your window
as this room has no view


No escape from thine fate
once the light comes to play
once this night turns to day


Not thine lot
Tis mine auction


Highest bid


Snuff you out
in the very half blink of an eye


should I choose to decry


Sweet sorrowful darkness of mine


It is time
to recline


rest that weary head and play


All at sea
Blackest night
There she blows

Hit the lights





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