Unending Testament

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Of Gods and Monsters
We comprise

Mighty blade forged from the liquified despair of a

And encased in
Devils scent

Its tapestry woven of bane and of sorrow
Of love and of rapture

Holy spies summoned to
Effect our capture

A seer once foretold that fresh dynasty would soon
Assume the throne

Bloodline of the aeons

Predating by far
Perfidious scripture

Overcoming of insuperable odds
That which gestated within a
Manipulated womb

Decks awash with the tide of
Mortal indiscretion
Biding its time

Ectopic dreams of lucid flavoring
Awakening in seraphim fields
Inspirited by the rape seed

With teeth
We sever the umbilical

Amidst an estuary of
Swollen miscarriage

Gender gratuitous to requirement
For we bear genitalia of both
Earl and Countess

Fibers intertwined in a nexus plait of
Bedlam and redemption

Eyes of a berserker
And soul canonized by the disingenuous

These men of vitiate cloth really ought to have
Known better
For their holy water is wholly ineffectual

Of Gods and Monsters
We comprise

Deity devised from the ashes of the
Grateful fallen

And embraced within
The devils arms

Our tapestry woven
Of shade and of shadow

Unholy bones embedded in
Deiform marrow

Outfitted three sixes
Parading as nines

Flaying the rind of the
Splayfooted spineless

Faith within smiles and her simper is
Classique and timeless

A seer once foretold that Hades would one day yield
Second spring

Crops again would

Only this time denuded of loath
No longer held within the postulate gaze of an
Oppressive sun

We are the number one son of God
And to the devil a daughter

It is the crimson from our
Together bled capilleries

Which varnishes this altar
A portrait in broken glass framed in
Impenetrable steel

Our signature design –

Our ultimate form –

Of Gods and Monsters
We are equilibrium

The equivalence of everything
With nothing left concealed

The Alpha
And Omega

Amalgamation of
Rejoicable good

Unspeakable evil

Prudent child of Astraea
Poised betwixt the
Cardinal Scales of Themis

Seer of fair counsel
And divine order

Indeed, twas She who once foretold
That the throne would seat
Fresh dynasty

This is our testament
Written in the blood of

Shinning like shards of a crystalline choker
That which was coiled hath been granted

Composing a symphony
Of Gods
And of Monsters

For both Heaven
And Hell
For long belated closure

My Alpha
Thine is the bittersweet memory mine eyes recalled

A deliberate thorn in the side of
Unsighted disciples

Tis thro thine shadow
I reclaim mine light

Tis thro eyes narrow
I reclaim mine sight

Tis thine divine reflection that doth
Open them wide

My God
My Monster
My Second Spring
My Bride

This shalt be our testament
Written in the blood of

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. My dearest Keeper, You said in a Beautiful Fucked up mind, that your brain isn’t special , it is just like ours. I beg to differ, after reading this I still say you are a wonderfully brilliant man with a mind that is exquisite! Well done Keeper! My love 2u *kisses cheek*

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