Lilith’s Song

ryohei hase


Title Art by Ryonhei Hase



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she came to me last night during reverie
dreams to that point had been steeped in serenity
sweetness and light
not a whisper of blight
just a thousand dear screams of distant delight
you see, my lover and i had been prowling
and it spikes my white fur to hear him growling


as i inspected his pelt
ordinarily lustrous and gingery
his pain became very much felt as i spotted a rather rumbunctious injury
nothing mortal this wound
one singular portal to heart of this beast
howbeit, felt duly entitled to greave
for his eyes appeared fraught
while his lifeforce had clearly decreased


my brow it then creased
for it pained me to see my love suffer
though he did so with pride
such i shall not deny
he carried great pain
in the wool it was dyed
thus, i did what any devotee of hopeful tomorrows would do
kissed every scar
relinquished his sorrow
then patched him up better than new


could tell what this meant by his baritone purr
as the fire in his eyes reignited
my lover was clearly excited
better yet, he looked simply white knighted
my work here was done
and besides there were matters more pressing
a certain sleep tyrant
who needed addressing

– morpheus –

compressing my chest while undressing my heart
requesting the death of me
courtesy of coup de grâce
this came as no real great surprise
as he visited time after time
some nights i managed to give him the slip
on others, embraced my birthright
this night i felt peace
thus i urged sweet release
and he purged my insomnia
laid me to sleep


as i drifted and sifted through thick mist enlisted
i then sensed a presence
unfelt since long spent adolescence
this was the time when i bid my imaginary friend goodbye
not that she wasn’t still brimming suggestion
but up until now
dared not give her a mention
her name is

– Lilith –

and she is most unwilling to leave an impression
knows how to lead most unruly procession
didn’t ask for this session
indeed i am fairly assured she is horrid
each proposal impure
every last tender squalid
they say it is better the devil you know
so i asked her to tell
she preferred just to show
and what a reveal
as she flashed the cold steel
that chafed both my wrists and serated my will


i negated to feel inundated
waited and waited
of virtuous patience inclined
and it rattled her cage just to see me recline
had i given a pinch of my flesh
then she would most likely have undressed a pound
thus, i dug in my heels
to make lasting impression
and stood firm my ground


if there was something to say
she could bloody well say it
was done with being timid
knew just how to play it
happen to be rather well versed on danger
felt blessed that this curse was no longer a stranger
not to say there weren’t sound reasons to fear
as she made it quite clear
that she held each one dear


you could cut the atmosphere with a knife
and she did
but this was no mutinous act
no takeover bid
mere request to get close
huddle in for conclave
cared not if her manifesto was both rusted and grave


not this babe in the wood
as i’m made of stern fluff
dust and scratch on my bones
and a penchant for snuff


eight millimeters of madness i court in this mind
and until i met Lilith
had kept it confined
so the blind led the blind
i was right there behind her
as she prepared to feed putrid meat to the grinder


~ air ~ pungent ~ last light now redundant ~ just the funk of despair ~ a black trunk that ensnares ~ no emergency exits ~ surplus to requirement ~ just sheer bloody murder ~ bloody hell is it violent ~ any innocence hoarded ~ hath been unrecorded ~ replaced with a seed far more tainted and sordid ~ i gorge all ten of mine senses ~ quench every sick need for the bleed ~ it has been ~ within ~ always ~ just never accessible ~ i can be a bad seed ~ but never truly reprehensible ~ at least ~ that is not ~ until reaching the vestibule ~


it was then
in that moment
my eyes became bright
you see, my love had endorsed our curious counsel this night
he plays with my muses you see
one for joy
two for sorrow
and Lilith makes three


quite the handful is she
and perhaps the most likely
to get to most reddened of bleeds
i can see her most clearly
and make no mistake
she’s a mystery still
a conundrum most humdrum
when you live principally for the kill
show yourself Lilith
permit me to see the color and shade of your ribbon of dreams
should it giveth at first
please don’t take it away
would much rather we fervently play


come again dear
i shall lay on a spread
a meal fit for three kings of the flavorful dead
where we three can tell tall tales of pale terror
break bread


for now, i must rise
with king by my side
until next time
war bride of the muses
thanks ever so much for the bruises





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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