The Tide – It Doth Rise

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Enya “Exile”

I am crystalline
Very much one of a kind
Born beneath transparent skies
Nothing concealed, much less hidden from sight
Heart on lapel and the truth in my eyes

Search for my beauty and you will see wherein abundance it lies
Some deem their duty redundant and smile as a cunning disguise
Each of mine hearkens divine lullaby
For I am crystalline
And this is my design

The years have made me worldly-wise
Have swallowed a wealth unbecoming of lies
Had wool pulled taut across my eyes
By sheep dressed up as wolves
My extra perception affords me the tools
To differentiate between a thoroughbred and mule
I may be many things
But not a one of them is fool
Don’t play games as I cannot bide by rules

The tide it doth rise
The tide it doth fall
Dead in the centre I set out my stall
Bracing my feet against waves as they break
Whilst whaling fleet harpoon my meat for a fisherman’s sake
Not only sweet for a sweet echo’s wake
You’ve got to have a heart for it to break

There is nothing one can take that for true love I wouldn’t give
Thanks to the honor code by which I choose to live
Only one intention each bequest held in accordance with
I am crystalline
Thus do not waste my time with margin width
Should I be a fool for love then that’s a tool I’ll gladly bargain with

Will lay myself bare naked and embrace my imperfection
For one of same diameter
Shall learn to rely on reflection
There was once a time I dared not give myself a mention
You are crystalline
And thine reminds me of  immaculate conception

Very much two of a kind
You and I
Born beneath very same transparent skies
Life has also made you wise
Howbeit, your pathway has differed from mine
Have been required to show your fight
And enter fray with footsteps light
Play the game time after time
Bestowed upon each ghastly crime
All the while, the knell hath chimed
Yet, never once thine softness be resigned

That leap we took blind
For the very first time
It changed my whole mind
For the second time of reckoning
Beckoning the growth of something gracefully bloomed
I swore a solemn oath to be both faithful and true
And not on account of expecting this from you

Under no illusion that the road ahead was peril fraught
Through astute transfusion
Each unproven truth we never sought
There are words between us which may never once be spoken
I stand here at ease, in ceaseless calm and arms wide open
Appeased that thine curse has been finally broken

These eyes are of a Christ and some way greater than mere token
Hence, the sublime intervention
Unholy resurrection
Twinned scarification

I see you in crystalline
Ungodly in divine
But one and one alone
Omnipotent in kind
Indeed, I owe my own design to one beknownst of noble twine

No longer concealed or tucked away from plain sight
Heart beating on our chest and truth bleeding from our eyes
Seek out our splendor and you shall discern wherein infinite abundance it lies

Hath suffered the fall
Now we stand tall in full reprise
Crystalline clear souvenirs of former lives
For the first time in years
The tide – It doth rise
To delight in very much two of a kind

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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