Private Ecstasy



Image Credit: Martin Krystynek



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Lovage “Strangers on a Train”




lights dim
candelabra flickers


heart beats



i can see him approaching
my peripheral view he encroaches


i can squint but he’s barely in focus
like a black mist he shifts


and its making me wet
i can almost taste his sweet lips on my flesh
but not yet



the charade isnt over
the hunt far from done


as my barracks are sturdy
wont be overrun


there’s a part of me which just wants to test out his torsion


but i’d do well to proceed
with a great deal of caution


perhaps that’s the breeze i can feel
as i slip off these straps to reveal


twin rubies
that glisten


crying out to be christened


by the tail of his tongue


as it flogs my stiff nipples


not just yet


this will be on his terms


won’t move in for the kill
til he watches me




and i yearn just to bite him
he looks so damn inviting


with a fabric like velvet
rosebud lips to entice with


but the eyes are my prize
and they’re stalking my thighs


sliding open my panties
and peeking inside


something tells me these peepers will not be denied


dripping nectar now
can feel it




and my best damn defenses now feel downright fickle


come inside

is my cry

and i say this in silence


loud enough to confirm my compliance


this time he is stirring
but there is no conferring


aside from the rusted cogs of his hardened sex



i desire that inside me
roll me over
debride me


as the alabastar pulp of his pugil high tides me
clench his majesty tight
with my muscles


contract them
tease the sap to the tip


and then

blow it a kiss


the gloss on my lips
is his flavour to savour


and i fully endorse unruly behaviour


nothing wavered



taste this honey


and ever so runny


lap it up
let it drizzle


you wont hear my dismissal


be my thistle


make me bleed


i ache for misdeed


wish to feel your strong hands


as they take whats decreed


and with that


he is

on me


with the force of a lion


Hell bent on deflowering


as the paws of this ravenous beast override me
the helm of its shaft is inside me


crashing like thunder


it plunders mine fortress


undoing the lace of my innermost corset


where the true crimson lies


that’s his ultimate prize


and im utterly powerless
to deny


thrust upon thrust
this monster of lust


will not stop
until this volcano



i can feel it


as our juices start merging







then calm


as i soak up the last of its balm


and as i wear it so close and so tight


the rabbit hole will be lovely tonight




for our sister Mad Queen Storm and the Inkslingers



greykeeper fusion headline



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