Rabbit & Lion


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Prelude To This Post 

Okay, so it’s Valentines Day and this is a day that I have never celebrated.  I’ve never felt the urge to celebrate this day, one, because I feel that we need to tell those we love and adore, every single day – 365 days a year – That we love them.  I’ve always seen it as a holiday that stresses people out beyond belief…fretting over what to get, how much of what to get, whether their lover will like what they got, and on and on and on…

However, this year is different for me.  I crossed pathways in December, with a magnificent man, Richard, and my entire thought process was dismantled and rearranged.  Not because I wanted to “fit him”…because as we both are, we are twin flames.  And I had my disbelief in finding that magnitude of love, completely shattered, and then rebuilt in seconds before my eyes.

It was the moment of truth that I was not even aware that I had been seeking.  I was single and loving it…not looking for anything or anyone, simply working on my art, focusing on myself and my life, and enjoying each day for all that it held.  And then…SLAM!  Our individual art mediums brought us together, and it was an immediate entwining of souls.

I wanted to do something special for him this day, since the other day, he wrote the piece below for me – “Rabbit & Lion”.  He asked me if anyone had ever written me a proper Fairytale, to which I responded “no”…within hours, this emerged.  It means far more than mere words can explain.  It is so special to me, as he is so dear to my heart and soul.  The thoughtfulness of writing this piece, but of EVERYTHING he has done since day 1, to make me feel loved, respected, adored, cherished, appreciated, and seen…are of the multitudes.

He is the kindest, gentlest and lightest soul I’ve met to date.  He is a Lion indeed, a Knight, a King, a Slayer, The Keeper… and the man that I love with all the heart of my soul.  So my special gift to him was to turn this beautiful Fairytale into a book-like experience.  I have spent since 9.30 last night (USA time) putting this together and I hope that he loves it, and I hope that all of you who read it love it just as much as I do.  It comes from a purely divine soul.  And I am lucky, yes, but thankful to The Universe every day for this amazing man.  My Love, light, and life.  My Richard.


If you prefer the live reading, it can be found directly below.

Lion Cover




page 2


page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7


page seven

page 8



page 10



page 13




The End.

Fairytale written by Richard Charles Stevens

Compiled by L.H. Grey

Image Credits:

Amanda Clark


Mark Fredrickson


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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™


    1. This is Grey… thank you so much Sharon, for such beautiful words. It truly is exactly that, today. It feels so incredible. Much love to you, and the brightest light!

    1. A precious one for us as it shows just what love can do, when applied the right way. I was simply stunned when Grey posted this. And have been ever since. Have always thought about venturing into dark fairy tales and we are already considering this as an avenue to branch off into. So glad you enjoyed.

      1. Loved it. I will continue to enjoy as long as the integrity and purity of passion and love ultimately shine through. Some go too dark and that can tend to turn sexy into disturbing. Not that I’m an expert. 😊 Just my opinion.

      2. Yes, some of our content can admittedly be a little dark sometimes. Both of us were close to broken when we met and we discovered a way to cleanse ourselves of our demons through Art. We’re sweetness and light in person but little monsters sometimes on the pages. Thank you for all your comments. Truly appreciated.

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