Fade to Grey




Title art by L.H. Grey.



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Visage “Fade To Grey (Instrumental)”





a split second
that’s all it took
to start fading
and i found those wild eyes of hers mighty persuading


no debating
not a thought towards risk
vague apprehension aside
no intention to frisk before trading


no contract to sign
dotted line or small print
powerpoints to endure
just the quickest of wins


no crossed wires
or a solitary ounce of confusion
just a python-like grip flat refusing to quit as she siphoned the venom from every contusion


to be clear
there was fear
but we used it
drank it in like aged gin
swilled it down
drilled within
through the clay of decay
and it soon lost its way
you could say
it just faded to grey


no mistake to be made
i was jaded
battle scars like streetcars
in the height of rush hour pain
changing lanes
as each flaming nerve ending paraded was braided
but you see
i had already faded


in and out of deep sleep
and the girl in my dream
was the indiscrete thing serenaded
it’s a long way to fall
let me tell you
as a love this profound
heads forever southbound


from purgatory
a postcard
gone to hell
just to pick up a taco
well, that and a pouch of tobacco


to the hook line and sinker
lassoed this deep thinker
and wouldn’t you know it
our nooses were matching
see we both know the art of dispatching
and true love is a devil for latching


ours is not the conventional boy meets girl tale
as our beasts are locked down in the cellar
this ripper is savage
hell-bent on the ravage
and same can be said for her fella


there’s blood on my gums
i delight in the taste
it would cry as a shame
to let meat go to waste
together we’re leaner
our instincts far keener
however, that’s not to suggest
you can fault our demeanor
well you can
if that tampered aged gin has kicked in

chin chin


– fade back in –


coming to from a lifetime of slumber
could have been longer
unsure just how long i was under
matters not
such pop trivia
as it sure beat oblivion
this was true
this was real
and sincerely revealed in two shades
one skin trade
and four hands on one blade
one grey chapel path masquerade
twinned goals
and twinned souls
one crystalline heart
and one fade





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  1. four hands
    on one blade

    Love these words! Your newfound unorthodox bond can overcome anything the pop trivia thinkers throw at you in pessimism.

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