Last Man Standing

beaten down
deemed unsound
words repeatedly misconstrued
and odds on for the lose

as far as outlooks go
they come no bleaker
sworn to oath and boasting low success rate
left openly exposed akin to monarch in a chess game
disapproved as public speaker
only ever one wrong move from checkmate

no matter where we choose to move
opponent is one step ahead
a little quicker
some way smarter
making us bleed out stigmata to see us deemed martyr

what does one do when it’s do and be damned
dying is far less enticing when out of one’s hands
perhaps a sore loser could beckon
though reckoning seldom plays fair when one raises objection
could always demand that rematch
dare to vent
most likely be held in contempt
once the court is in session

life will disown us with no moments notice
and most likely shall
reminded of such as we’re put into touch
having gone a few rounds
need to accept certain battles in life simply cannot be won
grow stronger the longer we prolong our fates
taking the time to fight right to the death before coming undone

trust is imperative less we be heretic
far more commemorative when noncompetitive
on the back foot
we head straight for the ropes
title hopes fading
once antitrust gropes

keep up our guard and we’re praying for bells
all seconds wind then rescinding from sails
how can we learn the true strength of our chin
by tucking it in like frail snails
then there’s the tap-out
the ultimate blackout of proclivity to prevail
conceeding the win
setting scene for defeat
crowd on their feet
just to see the freak fail

maybe the fight has already been won
demons misguided
scorecard undivided
victory sighted
opponents succumbed
out for ten count
to the shutdown conducive
not one blow landed
yet knockout conclusive

if i can change
and you can change
then maybe we can change the game
maybe we can take the reins
taste the pain and stay the pace
maybe we can break the chains
bitter fates withstanding
maybe we can have a hand in
claiming fame as last man standing

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™


  1. I am in tears. This came at the best possible time. I have been feeling like I am im danger of being knocked out but I get up each time. Wondering how long I can keep this up. Thank you Rich & Grey. Sometimes it is good to know you aren’t alone.

    1. … and that, my dear friend, is precisely why I do what I do. I only wrote this today to get the pain out and had no intention of posting it. Grey convinced me I should and, as a result, it has given hope to one person. And that is job done in my book. Life has a canny knack of smacking us up when we least need that pummeling but, like you said, we are never alone. Keep fighting and remember that you will always have a true friend in both of us.

    2. This is amazing because we’ve each, in our own way, been in the ring emotionally fearing defeat. Yet we’ve faced our opponents head on and took each trial of life on the jaw. And you’re still standing prouder than ever like the anthropomorphic lion you are! You’ve built up your pride of lions too!

      1. Love that. An anthropomorphic lion – hell yes! I’m bursting with pride just to read those words Freckles. Like you said, we’ve all gone a few rounds. But we have come out of each fight with our heads held high and that says so much for our character. Never defeated. Not any more.

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