A Duty to Brutality




Title art by Slav Krivoshiev. Click image to visit his studio.




Little pig
Little pig
you may wish to give some rather serious thought to letting us in
otherwise we may well be inclined to huff and puff
and we’ll blow this house the entire fuck in
haven’t come here to play
at least not in the way you were thinking
don’t you dare go blinking
though we’ll make damn sure that you don’t miss a single trick kid


Funny games ain’t our style you see
we just don’t match the profile
there are matters far more pressing
and it is our role to address them
no less than thorough in our method
one of absolute madness absolutely no question
and the creaking hinges which slacken
are the very doorways that we blacken


It has become a great passion of ours
in the very darkest of hours
to arouse your deepest suspicion
no request made for permission
extradition conclusive
non conducive to your best resistance
reputedly most putrid
and we have no desire to keep our distance
we may circle you like blighted rats
burn some dragon’s blood and knock you straight down on your ass


It would prove most ill-advised to tempt us
what can we say we’re easily led
can be bona fide relentless
again what can we say which hasn’t been said
like a most persistent itch that we simply have to scratch
sporting a big-boned hard-on for dispatch
and every last gasp that we choose to snatch
makes our shit grow all the harder


As our victim on this night
we reserve you not a single right
and should you make a dash to turn on the lights
then we’ll switch them back off again


You see do or don’t
you’re damned either way
so what say we cut directly to the chase
it is far too late for saving graces
and make absolutely no mistake
this next gush of vomit will be leaving a stain


your personal space – our stale breath on your face – your most persistent fears – well we’re standing right here – vicious cunts through and through – it must suck to be you – as we could fuck both those sockets straight through – fashion a dense river of deepest red grue – should we wish to


We may decide to grant you a single wish prior to dying
then perhaps we’ll tar and feather you
that could prove gratifying
identifying weakness shouldn’t prove too mystifying
as we already know that you pissed your pants
and don’t even think of denying it


Our prying eyes will find you out
and if the meat is sweet
well then we’ll grind it out
no need to waste time trimming the rind
although that slack black lung we could do without
actually fuck it
in for a penny and in for a pound


We’re bloody cannibals like Hannibal
accountable only to our appetites
and if you haven’t already guessed
they are no less than insatiable
sanity non-debatable as we need not seek asylum
no straitjacket can restrain us
as we lean left to ultra-violence


Whatever motive you provide us
we’ll emote in a manner most riotous
twisting like a ten-foot python
pestering those vessels like a goddamn leviathan
no trial and error here kid
just a duty to brutality
and a metric ton of sound reasons to sin




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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