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we humans are such easy prey
give us chance after chance
and we’ll piss them away
if something is seen
we refuse to believe
and should something be felt
then it’s promptly downplayed
it’s so fucking tragic
that we don’t believe magic
that we fail to move on
and prefer to stay static
the one thing that’s emphatic
is our psychosomatic delusion
prognosis neurosis
result disillusion
untreated contusions
not properly healed
turn septic in time
antiseptic declined
by refusal to see past the end of our noses
wake up smell the roses
call this out and oppose this
every fight that we throw
sees our brain muscle waste
bitter aftertaste laced with disgrace
it’s written all over our faces
as we look to the ground when we’re put through our paces
chalk it down to experience
then forget where we left it
no answers as our nerve becomes tested
requesting a break
we know not how to take
as it seems a more shrewd move to bellyache
grow bitter and twisted
throw punches tightfisted
as our whole lives end up something scripted
the joke is on us
should we accept this role
should we dig our own hole
and jump in it
with the blessing of cynics
we veto blind faith
strap on denial
and fuck it away



we humans are such easy prey
seem to think that there’s no other way
than take every last chance
and just piss it away
objection overruled
and we don’t give a fuck
as we’re speaking our piece
and this breach of the peace
has been long on the cards
a lifetime and nine yards
of walking a line
of distasteful design
leading no place and fast
bleeding right to the last
as we masked our contempt
but knew not how to vent
how to switch the talk show to mute
now we do
now we speak for the voiceless
the true
those tired of existence
in need of assistance
and we bid to inspire them to go the whole distance
as the path of least resistance it lies
has the narrowest eyes
as it looks to our souls
just to claim it a prize


access denied
no thanks
we shall walk our own path
you’re damn right it’ll be to the last
almost human you see
didn’t quite make the grade
so we engaged in a spot of rough trade
and we’ll not be your prey on this day


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