Yes, the Death Technician can write more than death, Lucifer, and…Brutality.  This is for the man who singlehandedly stole the very heart of my soul in one, swift, swipe without not even a shred of contesting by me.  For my dearest Lion, Richard…



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Prose by L.H. Grey



Thou dost not know
At times, my love
Whether black
Or blue

One thing for certain
Doth reside

My deepest love for you

Come storm and tide
This raging within
My very soul doth feel

At times, a bit mislaid
Haunted by sorrow
My love, it shall never purloin

The storm, it rages
Endless through dusk
And the Raven
Always shall perch

Yet pallid
As is
This rigid soul within,
Atop my shoulder
My angel does perch

Many and many a night hath gone by
Without thee by my side
In slumber
By twilights last dawning glow
I catch sight of my midnight love

He lulls me to sleep
With the wind as his voice
To drift up into dream

And his kiss is the waking
Warmth upon my lips
Replacing shadows
Silent scream

I dance with the Devil
In the pale light of morning
Yet my Adonis
Always doth glow

Lighting my way
Through darkest of night
None more perfect
Have I ever to know

Thou dost not know
At times, my love
Whether black,
Or blue

Claret is the color my heart bleeds
Creating warmth in these veins

My love, remains

Till the end of all eve

Eternally devout

To you.



lh grey rivers of grue


    1. Bless you Denise. That is such a lovely blessing and from a truly glorious soul. We appreciate you massively Koala.

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