Yes, the Death Technician can write more than death, Lucifer, and… Brutality.  This is for the man who singlehandedly stole the very heart of my soul in one, swift, swipe without even a shred of contesting by me.  For my dearest Lion, Richard…




Thou dost not know
At times, my love
Whether black
Or blue

One thing for certain
Doth reside

My deepest love for you

Come storm and tide
This raging within
My very soul doth feel

At times, a bit mislaid
Haunted by sorrow
My love, it shall never purloin

The storm, it rages
Endless through dusk
And the Raven
Always shall perch

Yet pallid
As is
This rigid soul within,
Atop my shoulder
My angel does perch

Many and many a night hath gone by
Without thee by my side
In slumber
By twilights last dawning glow
I catch sight of my midnight love

He lulls me to sleep
With the wind as his voice
To drift up into dream

And his kiss is the waking
Warmth upon my lips
Replacing shadows
Silent scream

I dance with the Devil
In the pale light of morning
Yet my Adonis
Always doth glow

Lighting my way
Through darkest of night
None more perfect
Have I ever to know

Thou dost not know
At times, my love
Whether black,
Or blue

Claret is the color my heart bleeds
Creating warmth in these veins

My love, remains

Till the end of all eve

Eternally devout

To you.




L.H. Grey



    1. Bless you Denise. That is such a lovely blessing and from a truly glorious soul. We appreciate you massively Koala.

      1. Flat-out adore that. You really are the most wonderful creature Koala.

  1. I wrote “She” to you on the December 20th and it seems like the perfect time to immortalize it in our Citadel.

    I ache for you
    and it is a godlike gnaw upon my innermost being
    Each twinge is overspilling with She
    She who stokes the ancient fire within
    She who is woven through skin and fractured bone
    mingling with all that I am
    it is a mesh most idyllic

    I thirst for you
    Drinking in the truth from every embrace
    My senses gush their monochrome fancy
    Black bleeds into white
    Creates grey shades of light
    All the while my soul quenches from trenches of you
    Littered through the battlefield of my deepest heart’s seed
    Healing each heartbeat as we waltz

    I hunger for you
    A vast banquet of desire
    Each dish seasoned with reasons to savor your flavor
    Never once does it waiver
    This appetite of mine
    as the taste of your kiss offers fuel to each fire

    I burn for you
    There’s a smoulder inside me and I let this light guide me
    Never once does it flicker as it dances its intimate dance
    And this flame kindles freely
    For the fact that you see me
    My sweet candelabra
    I warm my palms on your tender orange glow

    I heal for you
    Countless gashes revealed
    Boundless lashes reseal
    Kissed to new with the solitary thought that. you. exist.
    This is my medicine
    Each bandage applied offers life once denied
    And thus I confide every sinew inside

    I die for you
    Every dusk as I pant my last breath and fade to grey
    I am home chaperoned by your sickle of light
    I writhe for your scythe
    Can feel it glancing
    My flesh cleaves of its own free will
    Inviting your razorblade smile to defile
    Bleed me dry my Queen Macabre
    Please. Do.

    I gush for you
    The estuary of my devotion floods over into the tall grass
    Nourishes each blade
    No longer as barren
    This soul of mine
    O how it jettisons
    O how our harvest delights
    So kind it seems cruel
    Not to waltz in its vicious undercurrents

    I live for you
    Terms and conditions do not apply as we fly
    Why deny my very existence is one everlasting persistence
    That I am the raven of your heart
    Your cold hands cup the very feathers of my being
    Warming with their molten emulsion
    Painting our path
    This jagged trail unfurls each time we reach into its thorns
    and I’ve never known a pain so exquisite

    I walk with you
    Those dainty steps of yours provide an overture to mine
    Lacing the very pebbles of my once dashed heart
    Faith now cemented
    Life no longer lamented
    I’ve repented enough
    Now it’s time that we shine
    Irradiant. You

    I. See. You.
    It’s crystalline
    A sweet vision of broken glass
    Each shard cutting in its clarity
    I see myself in your reflection
    Every blink brings you closer
    Ever closer
    Into me
    Through me
    Weaving your essence
    with sublime evanescence
    Until. We. Are. One.

  2. This love of ours. It’s quite something right? I mean, if you’d have told me six months ago that I’d be writing adoring love letters and posting them publicly, then I would’ve likely swallowed my own tongue and teeth too. To be fair, if you’d told me I’d still be here now and not in an ornate urn on my dear mother’s mantle piece, then I’d have done much the same.

    But that’s just what I’m saying. Something downright phenomenal has happened to me since the cold December night we first met. Life has begun to mean something again. Not just something. Everything. From floorboards to rafters, my entire foundations have been rocked back into play. And I no longer wish to exist day to day. The love of a good woman is all it takes apparently. But here I beg to differ. It took the love of a magnificent woman.

    The way your mind works. Staggering. You process information in a manner that I have never ever witnessed outside of yours truly. But you go one better. How’s this for a free shoulder rub? I’ve learned more from you in the time we’ve been one than I have from any other person my whole life. I swear my entire brain has rewired and, all of a sudden, those dusty cylinders are firing once again. At no point whatsoever during our infinite number of precious rabbit hOles have I felt as though my feelings are worthless.

    You have witnessed me at my most vulnerable and been ever so grateful for it. I love that about you. No taking advantage of my weakened state, or using this to gain the upper ground. As we are already there. Soaring like black eagles. It would be all too easy to forget the qualities you love about me in these moments. But you never do. As you said yourself so eloquently in the stunning “Azure”, (which I shall hold deep in my heart of hearts until my dying day and still not let go), your love shall never purloin. And this is one of an infinite number of reasons why I am, and forever shall remain,

    Eternally Devout

    To you.

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