1001 Reasons


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There are 1001 ways to tell the person you love that you burst for them. That you are so very proud of them. That you cherish every bloody piece of them. That they empower the deepest heart of your soul right out of you and blow it 1001 delicate kisses in crimson ribbons. This, fellow lovers, is but one…


there are 1001 reasons why I love you so
and then there are 1001 more
sometimes I get breathless
just thinking of the ways
in which you astound me
other times I thank the universe
for the very fact that you found me


soundly smitten was I
as you opened your heart
and 1001 pale white lily petals danced before me
clad in flowing gowns of vermilion
serenading all ten of my senses
as my ventricles yawned wide to embrace them
and the kiss
oh the kiss
the first I shall never forget
or the 1001 that followed in sweet procession


my eyes began to widen
as your candy coated lips glanced my soul’s rusted receptacle
teasing it out of its enclosure
granting exposure
from the dark room it resided
so long it had retreated
defeated 1001 times
1001 deaths it had endured
1001 questions it had asked
and not a single one had been graced with a response


but in that moment
as the hands of time wrapped around us like silk on the china white skin of a Geisha
and drew us in closer
I saw another realm
one quite unlike any other
it was…




or at least
how I had envisaged this Nirvana to be
only in monochrome
no azure skies or fields of jade green
but a more vibrant vista I never had seen
as standing right in the centre
with arms wide open
and the twinkle of a diamond cut smile in her eyes
was the girl in my dream


i reached into my breast pocket
not sure why at the time
and it felt warm
there was clearly a breach
looking down I noticed a ruby-red stain
ghosting through the very fabric of me
my heart
it did bleed
I panicked momentarily
until I noticed
that I was a reflection of you
no hall of mirrors
just a solitary window
clean through
to the very atrium that wept in unison


suddenly there were rainbows in the sky
bursts of vivid color all around us
forming arches within which we were dignitaries
distinguished by the fact that our hands had never once been released from one another
our gaze never once broken
as 1001 blood soaked lilies painted the canvas of our one skin
1001 colors
shades of grey led the way
down a silvery path to a chapel
and the wind then spirited us away
we twisted
entangled in one another
lost in the melody of our timeless


but far from hopeless
as we were headed


there are 1001 reasons why I love you so
and then there are 1001 more
every single last one I hold ever so tight and adore
not a fiber or sinew
doesn’t bear your signature
and i wear you so very proudly
my Sweet Lady Grey
I see you in 1001 ways
1001 lives
through 1001 eyes
and I love you
1001 times more
every time
our 1001 hearts beat


as one







1 Comment

  1. 1002 reasons I love you from my core

    To my skin

    Through my capillaries and nerves

    Yours is the voice

    That my heart and soul heard

    At the dawn of creation

    No more need for vexation

    For our particles have found

    The ones lost in the sound

    1002 reasons ascending

    I love you

    Never ending

    From the nevermore transcending

    Into forevermore descending

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