Undeniably She

Featured art by Darla Teagarden.

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As She applies the final touches to her latest masterpiece
In the watercolours of my heart that bleeds
Leading the dance while She darts through the trees
With an ease that would bring a giraffe to its knees
I feel free on her behalf
Feel at one with the breeze
All at once I proceed
Overcome with everlasting will to please

No degrees of separation
No decrees or provocation
Both serene and rebellious
Her disease my cure for wellness
Whence She bleeds I feel selfless
Feel compelled to lick her scars
Run amok midst brittle stars
Tie them up with silken scarves

Fertile are the crops beneath her bare and dainty feet
Stopping not unless that be to breathe
Or else the air be incomplete
Flower faeries sink and weep for She is fairer than them all
Knew that She would hear my call
Cared to believe She would heed it

Scenic are the eyes comprised of universe in vast incline
Hypoglycemic sunrise hides its blushes
Love encyclopaedic swells within these wells of truths and dares
Lips they flush to kiss and tell as well does bridegroom from his chamber rushes
And where the wandering water gushes
There are streams of streaming dreams obscenely keen to set a scene or two
Or three to free the nectar from the spectres that devour
To their palates it is sour
Yet, I clamour for its sweetness

To my weakness, She is seamstress
Threads desire through eye of needle with discreteness
Intravenously she feeds enough to blush her pale white cheeks
Kneading with mystique the oblique mists that drift between us
The buxom bust of Venus heaves
Expressing the confessions of the heavens she undresses of their tethers
Neverland be damned
She puts the pan in panoramic
Panicking the mannequins that stand akin to bland ceramics

Peeking through the habit with volcanic gaze ablaze
Seeking timeless serenade
While creeping through the everglades
Sipping on pink lemonade
She plays a game no mortal man could hope to understand
Deals in transcendental trade
Parading rays of blessed
Through the chambers of the damned

As She applies the final touches to her latest masterpiece
My heart it bleeds through artistry
My wide eyes glaze and weep to keep the secret locked betwixt her sweetened thighs
To watch her seep through forest fires
Shifting shapes to fan the flames
Would see most lions soundly tamed
Yet, not one famed for raising fire with fire
Not one overcome with ever stubborn will to please
Not the kind declining signing lowly deeds of dither
All at once I proceed
To rule this kingdom
By the side of the one with whom I twine
Chimed as undeniably She

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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