Mia Mona Lisa




Both sun and moon atune
She wore

Within her gaze
They waltzed unbridled

At liberty to only She
With dignity
Of open seas

Forever tidal
Climbing waves
Never idle
Breaking tides

Rays defined
The doubt inclined to own devout

Mona Lisa smile
She wore

Seesaw tilting gently

On the upside soaring

Delicately scorning

A masterpiece
For curates keen
For those opposed to She

A smile designed to
Keep one guessing
Dressed in gown of
Roses red

Engaging chorus ever bled
And their very own way of expressing

Both blest and dressed in blessing
Set upon by unspoken curse

Flowing eerily about her profile
She wore
Liquid satin hair

Sunlight glared betwixt each lock
Moonbeams often played there

This tactile textile consummate
Ever unimpaired

Spotless skin of the Madonna
She wore
Complexity to every pore

Effortlessly free of flaw
Devoid of the debris of war
Exempt to the decree of natures law

For she
Transcended Mother Earth

If only she had had more time
To trill her verse
Embrace this worth

Then the whole world would have seen
Her noble and prodigious worth

I did…

In the last year of her grace
Traced each contour of her face
Found myself the true embrace
And learned the secrets concealed deep within

And sleek
The skin
She wore

No great mystery
To me
For I discerned so very much more

For likeness sake
I see beneath
And what I see
Reminds of me

The strength
The will
To carry on
Whence set upon
By charge prolonged

With elegance in timeless throng
She found her voice and sang her song
If not for nearly long enough
At least,
No more begotten

Both sun and moon atune
I wear

Within my gaze
You’ll find her there

A mystery to some
Not me
For the Mona Lisa Smile
She wore
Evermore confides in me





Richard Charles Stevens




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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™


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