Life held no meaning until I met you
not really
43 years of life
and a fair clutch of strife
was what it finally took for this rook to see clearly
I nearly gave up many times
drew a line in the sand
as I planned to recline from real-time
but then the universe offered a sign
realigned my blurred vision
with precision sublime
and as the blindness subsided
my eyes then confided
the most beautiful sight
of angelic proportions
no need for precautionary measures to be taken
as this was no mere distortion



of course there were fears
not too proud to admit this
but I just put them down to altitude sickness
don’t need God as my witness
as I have never flown higher
shall continue to soar
as our love hath no spire
you inspire everyday
through the way you attack every obstacle which stands in your way
no shortage of pride
ever more dignified
as you take expectations
and blow them away



you’re my Sweet Lady Grey
but so much more besides
you’re the girl in my dream
you’re my beauteous bride
I shall love you some way beyond the last chime
until we reach the very end of time
and keep on going
forgoing our flesh
showing no less than eternal devotion
defying laws of both gravity and motion
as we have and we hold
the most precious of things
pull the same heart-strings
as our one heart sings
to the tune of a love which is more than a love
a connection which transcends our red and blue blood
weathers each storm cloud
by rising above
I owe these wings of mine to you
my love






    1. Thank you so much doll. I’m an old romantic at heart and never happier than when writing poetry for my love.

  1. Of angels and demons
Once was written a code.  Formulated of flesh, laced with cyanide – beneath the heavy coating of Channel, Vamp.  

Her favorite lipstick.  Just as bloody as the soul which lies within – without. 
Worn, upon lips of ironclad vexation.  Inhaling the Angels intoxication.  
Blue velvet skies covering – us – I was quite certain, the Nile was located within his eyes.  Perfect perimeters defining the luminance of ancient wonder.
I dreamt of sleep that night.  I dreamt of moments saturated in – him.  
The definition was – beatific.  

Awakening, upon the hazy mezzanine of lucidity – 

I was no longer comatose within the corridors of my mind -
Single frames had multiplied into echelons of brilliance threaded together – 
Undivided existence.

    Wrote that for you December 29…shortly after we met. I recall sending it to you but, it needed to be posted here. I love you implicitly and infinitely my darling.

    1. I recall the very first time I read this resplendent verse most vividly. And I do so often. Now it is Home. Immortalized just like the love that we have and hold.

      A more beautifully fitting gift you could not have bequeathed.

      I love you with my wings spread wide open. And shall do so until dust I do return.
      To be with you for an eternity more.

  2. And behold in the sky I see two ravens flying together, playing, rising and soaring. Higher than ever before because they both feel so much more!

    Just made that up for you.

    1. Beautiful verse Freckles. I love the way you love our love. And you see us so very clearly. Always.

      We both love your bones and we do so sincerely.

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