The Beautiful Death

Featured art by Markus A. Walter. Click title image to visit his studio.

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Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Protected this white rabbit
In this moment, know that you have a proud lion fighting for you
This is no force of habit
No point to be proved
Quite simply instinctive as one so distinctive deserves a great muchness ado

Any less than the best would undress the impression of infinite blessing and curse suchlike verse
You have seen me regress to my worst
Yet for all my convalescing, never less than mighty strength do you concur
The path may twist and turn but each kink represents the fluency to learn
You do so profusely, while proving a blessing which lessens the obscurity of lunacy in turn

As we recline in the shade
There’s no need to pine away
For tomorrow shall arrive and we shall find a way to write off claim of fate that inescapably awaits us
Of all the things I’ve learned, how to love and be loved in return is undoubtedly the greatest

Fortune favors the brave
And endorses courageous endeavor
You possess both these virtues in spades
Indeed, I caress every word that you say
For they spirit me away
To another time and place
Leaps of faith, do they fail
Never ever, come what may

No more loyal a subject than white-knighted lion
No more sturdy a shield to rely upon
No more resolute conviction than the diction of reflection
Redirection of prediction that the facts of life are fiction
Backing contradiction, with disarming lack of mention for the tension we are feeling as our senses freshen reeling
This lion heart of mine was revealed to me by thee
Thus, I kneel sweetly at thine feet and care to clean them as they bleed

300 fold
300 strong
300 brave
300 bold
300 reasons to lead this fine army
300 reasons to bleed ever calmly
300 reasons to feed those pale lips
With the kiss of 300 spears charming

10,000 Persians falling
10,000 thoughts, once fraught, converting
10,000 beds are burning
10,000 dead immortals learning
10,000 lost souls returning
Shall rise at thine command

I stand here arm-in-arm, side-by-side, dignified by a storyline that transcends space and time
The chorus line we lead proceeds with diamonds in its greaves and cleaves wide open thieves of broken sight
Reminds them of the heal
Every cherished drop you spill, I tap the vein until your fill be taken
Protected this white rabbit
For future generations shall elate in our extraordinary fable

My Liege, I kneel now sweetly at your feet
Shall remain curled at your ankles while you sleep
My soul is a kingdom, yours only to keep
For I have 300 reasons to bleed this fine day
300 shields in Phalanx formation
300-strong yield in these fields of syncopation
300 to rise upon such a time as
From this beautiful death thine awaken

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I find it all around me every day but there is nothing more beautiful than watching belief return in another and, to think I played a part, makes my soul gush 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Angel of Obsolescence and commented:
    Inspiration……An overwhelming desire to create, generating from the mutual energy exchange between kindred souls which we encounter on our journey. Make no mistake, it is no coincidence.
    Forever indebted <3
    More coming soon XO

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