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Arise, for thine art seen
My heart it informed me as much
Such was the flame that you placed within me
Had a habit of acting out disgracefully
Ticking the form book, making it plain that the race had already been run
Defeat conceded
And then there was thee
Palm to palm we kissed
And the fire began to climb and twist like ivy up my swiftly scarring wrists
Never more timely reminder that hope can exist
Can flourish, encouraged by one entwined leap
Knew not of the odds, only that they were steeper than ever before
Never before had I felt so exposed
Disposed of all secrets to keep
Sweeping flame engulfed my forearms, burns were of thirsting degree
Encaustic wax then proceeded to seep within every deep scar while the ivy it tightened its grip upon me
Holding me close with unbroken devout as I ceased in verbose and cried both my eyes out
Full disclosure, access all areas
Smile lopsided and tears of a clown
I looked all around me
And all I could see were vast oceans of you, stretching farther than the naked gaze could ever hope to see
My hopes and dreams once hazed, now grazed in ripened glades of thee
The ivy continued to creep
In beauty exceeding misleading deeds bound but skin deep
The seed within me had been lovingly placed in my deepest widow chamber like child in a manger
No fault in the stars, they had spoken of thee
Broken English mostly
I translated in Latin
Seraphic Pericardium – Ad Infinitum
All the while, the ivy clung to each rung like satin sheets
Loving me from inside out, the way I’d always believed it need be
For said flame to illuminate the darkest corners of the mind
Remind we’re most beautiful when broken down
With that, the walls crumbled and straight to the ground
Just as my heart had informed, true to form
Pouring scorn on suggestion that regression warrants mention
When ascension has a far more handsome ring to it
Heat it doth rise and twin flames comprise single-minded desire to be seen
My king and my queen, placed within me a spark
No longer in the dark
For thine art Joan of Arc
And that means everything ’cause you are here with me now
There could be a war but I’m not going down
Protected by the rebel heart of steel free will that never shalt break down
I stand here, palm to palm with thee
On this uneven ground
Charmed by thine ageless dignity
Spartan balance and in majesty profound
As the fiery twin flame burns, the greatest thing I ever learned is to love then to be loved and in return
I therefore curtsy and bow at thine feet
Joan of Arc
For a quintet of kind words hath saved me
Arise, for thine art seen
To be seen by thee is to recline for everlong in the arms of
My Ivy,
My Liege



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