Bride of Spring




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No sacrifice made
Nothing to lose which I wouldn’t offer gladly, with prestige
My undying devotion felt little more than pocket change
The whole of my heart insufficient reimbursement for the sweet verse you spoke with such versatile range
I love leaps of faith
You said
They never fail, ever
And, in a single ageless breath
Became my majesty, my liege


First things first
Fresh flowers in a sleek black hearse
Leading the procession to a resting place observed by a single black beaked bird
This raven perched upon my tombstone
I concurred to its unbroken stare
Clenched my left fist as though clutching a runestone
And along my vein to be wed displayed these sacred words
L.H. Grey


Now that flawless form had a name
To put with a face clearly carved from the tears and the fears of an angel
There was precious little left to say that couldn’t be translated to
“I would die for you, with inhuman haste”


Wasting not a stolen breath, I leapt
Prepared to take this blind leap to the death and farther still
And would do so an infinite number of times over, for the thrill
Just to swim in every tear you ever wept


No sacrifice made
Just a solitary promise
Voluntary solace as you raised my dropped chin, looked deep within me, and sucked out the poison that had threatened to kill me
You were the elusive something honest
That one thing sincere
Most reflective of gemstones
And crystalline clear


No sacrifice made
Just a solitary promise dressed as the many
To live for you
To die for you
To laugh with you
To cry with you
To reach inside and pioneer a fire that burns with eyes only for you


All of these things I would eagerly do
For a heart of crystalline so utter in truth, I could not possibly hide from you
Even if I had wanted to
You would only see right through it


You deserved to be loved like no other before
After all you’d been through
Elusive white rabbit
And I was just the lion-hearted man to do it
It seemed the least I could do
To show and tell my gratitude
For doing likewise for me too


Your love is a chameleon
Adapts to its environment but is never once defined by it
Every beat of your heart is wholly different from the last
And you place unparalleled pride in tide upon tide of each
Our hearts they synched with surprising ease
Our arms then linked to abide the theme
One person it appeared that we might indeed be
Indescribably tied beneath were we


Your love is a chameleon
Your timeless soul bohemian
And this love we have and we hold
Boldly wears splendour so far in exceed of empyrean
Have never discerned a penchant for gospel truth so absolute
Thus, it’s my privilege to learn
To play the part of most apt pupil


I whisper, I scream, but could never refute that which reaps the harvest of imperishable fruits
My frivolous life before you of invariable roots
My lies before you beset by unbearable truths
Each purple teardrop I shed through confusion
Had bled into pools of ever-deepening contusion
And then there was you
With your honesty brutal
Everlasting gaze unhazed and truthful
With dignified pride absolute


Truth is, you could tear the very heart from my chest
Raise it high above your head
Score it into quarts and catapult them north, south, east and west
And still it would not cease its beating


We all need one thing to believe in
That thing, my love, is you
Mine Mercy, Mine Brave
Mine She of Reign Supreme
The one crazy dream that lingers from the tips of my fingers
As due South of the border I proceed


You’re stronger than me
Have known who you are some time longer than me
Yet, nary do you leave me to hunger
Feel the need to unleash the drums of thunder
Indeed, you free my soul from its opposite number
And together, standing citadels tall on the uneven earth of Fall
We stride forth
We plunder
For thine, I will evermore hunger
In the untold expanse of beauteous wonder
That is you


No sacrifice made
Nothing to lose which I wouldn’t offer gladly, with hands that are just
My undying devotion little more than dust within a vicious grey gust
The whole of my heart is your shield to deflect and your dagger to thrust


I love leaps of faith
No sacrifice to make
They never do fail, ever
And my soul always was yours to take


For the flawless form, it has a name
L.H. Grey
Arise my
– Bride of Spring –


My promise this day
As you give unto me, I shall give unto you
My love forever true





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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