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Hardnoise “Untitled (Instrumental)”





Someone give this dog its dinner
Dirty little hole digger
Worse than fucking gold digger
As you dig your fucking hole bigger


Give a dog a bone and then disown it
Studied your behaviour, didn’t come here to condone it
Horny as a drunken trombonist
One time best in show and nearly two-times past your prime
Would suggest you fetch the stick but you’d have no clue where I’ve thrown it
Supposedly the top dog but I see you kicking puppies half your size
Seen this kind of whacked out shit from you time after time
If I handed you an orange, I’d have no doubt you could make it rhyme
But whatever happened to the reason
Sitting on your soapbox, accusing new kids on the block of crimes of treason
Sniffing their trail of season, then mauling them as you can’t bear to be beaten
Never been one to kick a dog when it’s down and for the count
But you should be fucking smarter
Figure this shit out before you bleed your best self out
When no longer prepared to play the martyr


Gone all-in before the river
Cock and balls snagged up in zipper
Safety on while cocking trigger


Not designed to hold liquor
Breath like fucking paint thinner
Fast tracking to dog’s dinner


Give a dog a bone and then revoke it
As it may well prove a choking hazard
Little more than token swagger
Wet cement for sandbaggers
Never the most mild-mannered but this freak’s in need of leashing
Imitation bids to flatter but to you it’s simply thieving
Two decades as mutt’s nuts, not enough to cease your grieving
Time to use that voice of yours for something else but heavy breathing
Preaching to the choir while you refuse to take your own confession
Once upon a time, your curse was every dreamer’s blessing
Such a waste of good grace and I find that shit beyond distressing
So much less than I’d expect from slick technique unceasing
May shout the odds but this is not about me getting even
Done no harm or foul to me and this needn’t be debriefing
Wake up, sniff the coffee beans and be something worth believing in


Back to front and runt of the litter
Self-confessed as heavy-hitter
Cutting such a forlorn figure


Selling bones to highest bidder
Menu options getting slimmer
Think you’re on an odds-on winner
Better make that hole bigger


Please stand up
Perform head count
Figure this shit out instead of chasing your own tail as it is only getting thinner
Rescue dogs appreciate their dinner
Now dust yourself down, pick yourself up, and give a fuck or two
As the one thing that I learned from you was how not to be a fucking quitter


Here comes the all-important hopeful glimmer
Drop the bitter act, face up to facts, knock out the shady, and I’ll see you back at slimmer





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™



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