Come Darkness: Enlighten

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Goblin “Profondo Rosso”

Come darkness
Give it to me straight
For I would hate if daybreak came without providing you clear say
Move a little closer
Step out and bring the shadows
Full exposure
Won’t squint my eyes or shy away
Deny you right of way
No inclination to relay back this disclosure

Come darkness
For I can hear you creep
Skulking silently in an attempt not to be seen or heard
Never one to mince your words
As you strangle my throat violently
Remind of what’s inside of me
And bid that it resurface
Propose the light has served its meager purpose

Come darkness
Stalk with reason, circle prey
For I’m midway through season, not in any mood to play
Will damn well vent should you relent from entering the fray bereft of due respect
Know your game of crime and misdemeanor
Yet my instincts happen to be some way keener

Come darkness
Stick around a little longer
Stay by all means
No objections from me
But don’t dare expect me to be your trustee
As you see
I have found me a sponsor
No need to recede while it plots its response
No surrender in retreat, death desperate
Conceding to honor
That being the true Ethos of a Warrior

Come darkness
Cut to the chase
No disgrace in you cleaving my flesh wide apart
Feel free to reach in
Go in deep
Grip my red Spartan heart
Pull it out
If such be your way
You will find that it no longer sleeps
I read my epitaph and, for every graphic detail, it felt nice just to have a good weep
Death no longer scares me, you see
Care not to fill my head with it through senseless sense of duty
Unless said death be effortless in beauty

Come darkness
Attempt to fuck me hard and harder still
As I no longer yearn quite the same for the battle-scarred thrill
There is only one thing that I wish to reveal…



You may very well have missed

I’m not trapped – snared – caged or confined – that’s a myth – conjured up by the unconscious mind – and besides – have forgiven me thousands of angels for all their petty lies – untied the spaghetti of their tongues – realigned my perception to make out their features and fractures – claim back any breathable air in their aqua-filled lungs – now their cold hands warm beneath once torn wings – each a clutch of very most precious things – fingers that linger like druids – replacing the fluids – while feeding my grateful heart truth after truth – that of 300 proof – as I see them right through to confession – and will hear out each god of their suggestion – with no less than intention to pick me some cherries – while dressing my reflection in their halos – offer rusted devil horns to bless before they take their next communion – and forgive them their verbose

Come darkness
I am ready now
Shield arm steady now
No longer reticent
Far greater than heaven-sent
You see
I felt it best not to sign any treaty
The universe confides and will not see me cross the line
Take more than a crucifix to loss lead this design

Come darkness

Play darkness

Pray darkness

Know your place darkness

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Tantalizing indeed. I am perched at the edge of my seat! Beads of sweat forming as I anticipate the next installment! 💙💙💙
    ^^^The above comments share my sentiment, and I agree with both!

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