Damned If We Don’t

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Aphex Twin “Come To Daddy”

Come inside a mind inclined to redefine the borderline designed to authorize ill-timed decline
Once maligned and undermined, now reassigned to blight benign
The kind enshrined in minds entwined with light and shadow unconfined
Neither day or night affright
Combined with fibrous rind
Come inside this mind of mine
Recline behind the eyes

Who reserves the right to say we can’t achieve our goals
That we’re damned if we do and no less so if we don’t
That reaching for the apex will result in higher tolls
Thus it’s far more shrewd to sit and brood in our partitioned zones

Wait until the browser loads and make do with the dial-up
As pedal metal moments will result in freeway pileups
With all the road rage nowadays we’ll only wind up riled up
And that will not look good at all when placed before a trial judge

What’s the big to do with just a dash of self-belief
Must we cease at skin deep
Flat refuse to delve beneath
Feel intense relief as we’re patched through by skin of teeth
Then cry in shame the day we play the game and show some spleen

Taking risks may be risky at best
Hiroshima at worst
But aren’t we dumbing down our chorus line if every verse is pre-rehearsed
Should we prepare for worst then how’s our best foot gonna pass the time
And could it be that every checkpoint we can reach in half the time

What if we attempted to preempt our own good fortune
Ignore the voice that states a case for bracing shallow waters
Quit it with the clean freak shit
And get our bleakened house back in disorder
Start believing we can and give no damns if we falter

Start a New World Order should this happen to rattle our chains
Retrain our brains to altered state which says each pain is not in vain
Through hell and high water refuse to lose out on the shout tantamount to gain
Scars lend character
Through each abrasion masqueraded
Even when we’re frail and jaded
Skin we’re in both pale and faded
Will not see us bleed devout in vain

Believe we can succeed and who knows maybe we can achieve the goals deemed unrealistic by the drones’ bare boned statistics
Embrace the inconsistent and cease raising our hand to bland specifics
Where’s the spontaneity in playing shit so cagily
Would it not serve better to refrain from playing safe and make a break for it
Wait until the trick is missed entirely
When that just reeks of laziness
And meanwhile, the true enemies of state dictate the drip rate on a fixed date while our bitter fates endanger us

So what if we’re broken
Doesn’t mean we can’t be fixed
Once we stop fixating on what holds us back and work on our to-do-lists
Plan a course of action
Gain some traction and pursue this
Don’t be too pissed if it don’t happen straight away
Rome never proclaimed of being built in a day
Besides, who’s to say it cannot pay our way to play the opportunist

Beneath the sore bones of contention lies the ore of raw potential
Opposed to condone further movement once we misconstrue this as inconsequential
Unbeknownst of credentials
Disowned of essentials
With antitrust denying we might prove influential

Should we find the flame inside abiding then we’re justified in setting sights sky high and touching Midas
Seek out those inclined to recognize key strengths and guide us
Then faith in kind is magnified
That we just might survive ongoing crisis
Fear is be killer of minds in decline
With slow hands advising we choke
Damned if we do peek behind iron curtain
Though once thing’s for certain
We are damned if we don’t

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. The faces I’m making while reading this! Omg!
    I absolutely love it!
    I recommend to all with each new segment, go back to the beginning and read consecutively right through non stop and you will see what I see through your own eyes….
    AMAZING READ!!!!!!!

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