Duck Soup

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Jumpin’ Jack”

Sittin’ ducks live to be plucked
And that’s why I’m givin’ no fucks
Baitin’ the vacant to great state of flux
Well-placed for snuff as I live at the crux
Sittin’ ducks love to be plucked
And that’s why I’m fistin’ the fucks

Dippin’ sheep like Guacamole
Heavens weep, this shit’s unholy
Patron saint on meet and greet
Indeed, a devil when you know me
Blackest eyes, inclined to startle
That’s the prize, for one night only
Super-sized with extra fries
One time archangel, dicks disowned me

Only the lonely can ride the black pony
Straddle the saddle but they’ll never own me
Cannot tame this, cannot clone me
Wasting fakes, disgracing phoneys
Ring ya homies, back door cronies
Slack jawed crackers, way below me
Put some lipstick on and show me
While you’re down there, fuckin’ blow me

Sittin’ ducks live to be plucked
And that’s why I’m takin’ shit up
With powers that be as these gluttons are mutton
Dressed up as lambs, crying wolves on percussion
Sittin’ ducks love to be plucked
The scum of us need to get fucked

Double jizzle backed up in the hizzle my nizzle
I’m suited ‘n booted n’ snoopin’ fa shizzle
Building a spire from the minds that I addle
Tastin’ the skies like the Tower of Babel
Deluded to think I am keepin’ shit civil
That kind of pie in sky thinkin’ is wishful
Changin’ the weather and forecast is dismal
Gangsta lean tendered and skippin’ to gristle

Bankrollin’ Benjis, high rollin’ Class-As
Supersonic narcotics, each word that I spray
Brutally honest, as long as doomsday
Waitin’ for nightfall to snatch you away
Tellin’ you now and in no terms uncertain
Don’t wanna know what lies behind the curtain
Plyin’ my trade as an unlicensed surgeon
Glutton for punishin’, slut to perversion

Sittin’ ducks live to be plucked
And that’s why I’m spittin’ out feathers
Aware of my strengths, know ’em down to the letter
Instincts so sharp they cut straight through hide leather
Sittin’ ducks lust to be plucked
And that’s why their pain is my pleasure

Calmer than Dahmer when piercing through armour
Keener than Gein, every bit as extreme
More handsome than Manson, eyes holdin’ to ransom
Less turn off than Wuornos, beg pardon Aileen
Make no mistake, white-face knows how to juggle
Grindin’ to hustle while carvin’ through muscle
Bringin’ sharp pain to the end of each tendon
Let’s just say life ain’t the end of this sentence

Call me greykeeper, I’m one of a pair
No end in sight to the shit we declare
Splittin’ the atoms to really get at ’em
Step to the grill and we’ll meet you in traction
Know that your luck’s not in, judgin’ by nervous reaction
Some say it’s sin, we rename it affirmative action
Not guilty to startin’ up fires in all fifty
Nothin’ that thrifty, just simple subtraction

Sittin’ ducks live to be plucked
And that’s why we’re playin’ assassins
Insidious blight has been struck on the masses
Stolen our voices and holdin’ us captive
Sittin’ ducks ’bout to get plucked
Chapel Black are all out of fresh fucks

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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