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Jonathan Snipes “Chrysalis”

Love made me do it
Love gave me the strength to form a fist at bitter fate and punch straight through it
Love applied the healing balm to every twinge of pain and made it plain in no small way I shall endure it

Love made me a lion when it seemed nine lives had passed
Love remained defiant when my knees began to buckle fast
Love is in my heart and is both unrefined and pure
Love informs my art and plays the part of guarantor

Love will never tear us apart
For such is not its cruel intention
Love will not sit pensive on the fence in self-defence with apprehension
Love will go for broke with no regard for its well-being
Love has no more floor than it has ceiling

Encourages revealing that which never dare be shared
Offers up a sanctuary for such to be declared
Neither here or there but everywhere we grant it access
Wages not of sin, exempt from taxes

There are times when we may not know what is best to do
Love provides a blessing and a clue
Will spin upon its axis to afford a clearer view
Sing our praises back to us through chorus line anew
Barefoot in the garden, fresh and blest with morning dew

Love embraces rays of sun and moon
Chases rainbows playfully
Amazes ever gracefully
Sings Glory Hallelujah to the march of dark platoon
Summons up a host of fallen angels, demons too
Relinquishes their torment thence to herald truce in truth long overdue

O, heavenly father
Love made me see through thine ruse
Love it confided the truth about you

Forgive me
For love made me do it
Never before have I harnessed such strength
Evermore willing to go the whole length 

Love it has tremendous work afoot
Howbeit, Spartan blood doth run right through
Love is alpha and omega
And herein lies another major clue
Both are omnipresent in this verse
Please feel free to ponder whom is whom
We are both the sun and moon
Light brigade and dark platoon
Since we borrowed something blue and then renewed it

Now we rise up past the Phoenix
As we sin within its ashes
No longer pensive, we’re on the offensive and in our defense
Twas love made us do it

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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