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I’m your friendly neighborhood demon
The kind the good book warns about
To tell the truth, I’m unsure how I’ve not been locked up long before now
Actually, I know precisely why this is
As I find court cases way too drawn out
Which perhaps is why I made a pact to never ever get caught


It’s one thing hosting impure thoughts but quite another to put them into action
Before you hide your valuables, I would like to remind you that the majority were merely mild infractions
Would it make me number one public enemy
To toss in the odd felony to boost the numbers up some


What can I say?
I’m a sucker for a lump sum
Have done some shit in my lifetime that would make you think way more than twice about associating with one so inclined to not playing nice
That being said, I have never committed a single crime which hasn’t paid in my own eyes
And they cash in on the fact that every last casualty deserved to pay the price


Feel free to call my bluff
But don’t go expecting a call back
For I stand by every last word I scribe
Have no great burning desire to haul ass and fall back
Life smacked me to the ground til I decided I had ample grounds
to stand said ground
Dig in my heels just as far as they allowed
And you are goddamn right, this Spartan fought back


So perhaps I veered a little off the beaten track on rare occasion
But their way sounded so defeatist and no doubt liable to the usual taxation
Fuck all that inflation lark, I would much rather find a loophole
And if that makes me a sinner, well they can inscribe that shit on my tombstone


Should prove entertaining
As by that time I’ll already be a raven
Well, amongst other spirit creatures
Blame it on society as it taught me how to contort my features
Just to fit in
And while the theory may appear sound
Problem is
I never did


Some of us are cut from a different cloth entirely
Some of us wise up to bribery
Some of us keep a diary to remind of how we suffered blindly
Some of us have a demon side and are not so inclined to hiding it
Should you not buy into this frank admission
Then that’s absolutely fine with me
But take a look into my eyes and you will see I’m deadly serious


So what if I’m a little bit devious
Have needed to be to keep life from growing tedious
As they bleed us all dry until such a time as they have us resigned to obedience
Always preferred my felines to canines if I’m being entirely sincere


Granted, I may have been of the alley cat variety
But I didn’t wish to arrive at the point where I waste time mourning what might have been
All that damn sobriety had sobered me up to spiteful sources remorselessly claiming to speak reliably
It’s horses for courses, I suppose
And I wasn’t in quite the right spotless state of mind to go quietly


Had they stroked my fur the right way then perhaps I would have reacted more politely
Instead, they got my back up
And once injustice starts to stack up
Then it’s time to strap up and take action
Don’t waste your time winding clockwork mice as I’m wise to such distraction tactics
Oh, and good luck with the catnip as I jack that shit up like a fat cat merchant banker does off-shore transactions


Am I bad to the bone
In a syllable, no
In actual fact, you could say that I’m downright agreeable
Have no cunning master plans laid out for the foreseeable
At least, none that entail being any less than hospitable to those who agree that society’s actions are pitiful


Even if you don’t agree
Then own a little integrity
And you are alright by me
You see, there’s a model citizen in there somewhere
But lest we not forget the demon in me
I am nobody’s puppet
Pull my own damn strings
And if they tangle up then fuck it
Have no need to feel restricted


So I committed a few minor misdemeanors
What is life without the odd discrepancy
You’ll not find it easy finding fault in my demeanor
But you will find a demon if you keep on pressing with your policy and procedures
Risk assess this and you will no doubt cry out wolf
But it will take more than exorcism to drive this fallen angel out
For nature dictates not my demon’s course


You can dole out all the life advice you like
But should the bait be artificial
Then good luck getting a bite
Relatively speaking of course
The teeth marks in the contract should some way attest to that


Fuck contracts
My soul takes best of care of inhuman resources
And what’s more, it very openly endorses the demonic
Should that make my sickness chronic
Then those who truly see me have me covered on the tonic front
Ain’t no legally binding document that means a fractured fraction of what a simple promise does


Doesn’t mean I can’t be love
Doesn’t mean I can’t be trusted
But it also doesn’t mean that I’d plead guilty if I ever did get busted for something
Much rather plead insanity
Provide a rest home for my demon
Call me corrupt if it ticks all your boxes where I’d say open to suggestion
You know, just your typical Girl, Interrupted
Just in stereo


Not to say that I’m in any way poorly adjusted
But I am a demon puppet, after all
Whether you elect to trust me or not is ultimately your call
So whatcha waiting for?
Call my bluff




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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  1. Brilliant piece–my favorite kind of writing, my favorite kind of transparency. You matter. Period. Keep up the fine fight of faith … in yourself, in the world of humanity, in love.

    ~ Shauna

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  2. This is so true, and so quotable, I don’t know where to begin. The number one problem with all my students, collectively speaking, is a major lack of self-confidence. I guess this line rang so true for what I see in the classroom all the time, and from my own experience: “…silencing those ghastly inner demons from the past, is what it’s all about.”

    Oh, and you are a goddess!

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