The Immortal – She

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Visage “Fade To Grey”

This girl was different
Knew as much in an instant
Not just a little distinct
A whole cosmos apart
From each starlight proclaimed to stake claim on my heart
Had never before seen so clearly
Never before felt so precise in my theory
As I did the very second I proceeded to believe with every beat of me that it was She who held the rusted key to the one safe place within me guarded vigilantly

Hadn’t meant to be so cagey
Yet, not a thing I’d seen was keen persuading me blind faith would ever be repaid in kind
While I measured well of mind
The soul is known to speak more plainly
And the delicate thunder deep down in my gut
Suggested the best course of action humanely
This being to caption reaction and let my entrapped inner voice say its piece
In a fraction of the time it takes a heart to skip a beat
I clasped tight this rusted key entrusted me by She
To the Citadel, our humble home of chaperoned esteem

Great many would suspect that I’d misplaced my final marble
After all, here was the one place within which I truly sparkled
One debacle later, this most relative of strangers could have sneezed and deleted me
Without so much as meaning it
Protect your assets Keeper said my voice of human reason
Well, that’s how rumor has it, as to be quite frank, I wasn’t even listening

You see, reason had proved nothing but unreasonable to this point
Sucking away all breathable air as it falsely declared my wounds untreatable
Teaching that trust was for victims in waiting, love for the vindictive and berated
Nothing more than sheep’s clothes for wolves in peak of season to be seen to masquerade in
The language of love may have proved tough to nail
But with soul now translating
I was fluent in a tongue which played truant as this obstruent agent constricted dictation
Only this time, to no avail prevailing

This girl was different
Didn’t take a genius to figure that one out
For here was the kind of dignified queen you only read about in fairy tales
The kind of many lifetimes of devout
Having ridden many prairie trails
Endured a slew of heavy gales
I had finally found incontestable grounds to crown my one queen, make an infinite vow
To love her like no charming prince on handsome steed could ever dream achieving
Considering risk is for the calculated
And I was not about to harbour doubt or leave a lady waiting when pledging unending dedication to the one cause I believed in

This would prove a voyage of rediscovery to me
Not to mention demonstrate my inner child long incubated
Would be grateful to be seen, believed and, in a dream, set free
This sweet child of mine was a playful little scamp with a penchant for black comedy his elders deemed distasteful
Eventually they figured out his sickness was prenatal, his fall from grace then gradual as he faded from plain sight
The little girl before me may not have been of same height
But she fitted me just right much as I fitted her right back
Balanced dark and light akin to high-wire act
Had befriended the grey skies which hung like blind mist above her
Understood there cannot be one, lest there be the other

Each time our inner children play
We veer towards the shadows
Doesn’t mean we need committing although that would be a rather fitting way to spend our days and nights, in deepening the shallows
Statistics disinterest us entirely
And besides, we’d prefer to take our chances than to live entire lives blindly
In fear of the unknown
That is something you do fully grown
While a pair of reawakened wide-eyed children glean all kinds of fascination from the stuff elders are too afraid of facing
Should we spot a dancing shadow then no question we will chase it to the marrow of unbounded imagination
For hand-in-hand our plans are grand and we are led with ease into temptation
To some place transcendental of the elemental ties that bind
Some place we can leap with faith time after time, take each one blind
Some place we achieve the goals of two whole minds combined
Some place where the light shines bright with shade same way inclined

This girl is different
Knew as much in some way less than but an instant
I have never before seen so clearly
As sincerely I do She
Have never before been proved so right in my theory
Than to see a bona fide god stand before me cavalierly
My eyes have no time for the telling of lies
And I roar with the pride of a whole pride of lions
To stand right by her side
And love with all my heart defiant
For tis but hers to keep
And most sincerely

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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