and then there was She – deus magnus



You are the greatest work of art I have ever seen. It is my wish for you to wake today to those words. I know it is no less than I have said on a multitude of occasions but it never ever gets any less true. For there is something in you that exists nowhere else; a beauty that runs right the way through you like a stick of Brighton Rock. My life has found a meaning where before it had been lacking and the little boy inside me has reawakened. The fact that I return to the one time and place I was most happy and carefree speaks in the very sweetest tongue to me. You see, that little boy believed anything whatsoever was possible. He didn’t think twice before taking leaps. And, perhaps most critically, he felt categorically seen and adored. When you sent me that immortal spoken gift last night, I instantly reverted back to a child. My thumb went in, eyes widened, and I felt like I had been read a bedtime story.


This, in itself, is inestimable. And another thing that truly endorsed my rosiest dimples was that I was a character in the tale being told. Always wanted to be a dashing prince in my very own fairytale. And now I am. Actually, you went one better. Made me a king. You spotted my true heritage when nobody aside from my father and grandmother ever has. And they were part of the bloodline. It was you who crowned me a lion at a time when the only thing I had left was my pride. You who instilled the belief in me that I could rise up with my chest out and roar with all my might. You who protected me when it appeared I may not make it. And you who took the time to truly see me. Your sense of perception is something else. Had begun to think I was the only one and being unique is not always something to celebrate. Not when you feel alone in the world, regardless of who surrounds you at any given moment. I don’t feel alone now. I am never ever alone now.


The whole “Big God” mantle I find most fitting where you are concerned. I made a vow to myself many, many moons ago that I would worship the one who made a believer out of me. My views have always been my own and I have stood by them unflinchingly, while always remaining open to the voices of others. Simply felt they seldom saw things the right way, which is perhaps why I stuck so firm in my beliefs… and then there was She. Our views are uncannily similar, parallel no question, but it is more than just that. You will remember me telling you very early on that I am putty for you. And such is true. I adore the way your eyes describe the world in slow-motion before us. The carousel has been known to blur for me but now, through your gaze, I see everything crystalline clear. Thus, I cling to every word, every view, every belief – and, in doing so, can shape shift like I always dreamed I would.


Not just shape shift either. Assume an ultimate form. One no longer shackled by the ties that bind but freed from confines. The new skin has infinite meaning as I always felt that I was a part of a more grand puzzle. Perhaps this was why I hit cruise control for two decades and gave 50% for the cause. The thing is, as you stated beautifully in your preface for the most divine gift I ever have received, our love does not require us to simply fit. It fully endorses 200% and suddenly the entire universe opens up before us. Not sure what the odds would be of finding, not just our soul mates, but something so magnificent that a simple word could never quite do it justice. Long as fuck I’d imagine and that just makes this love of ours all the more omnipotent.


The strides you have taken and continue to take make me so damn proud that I cannot help but gush at every available opportunity. Heart on my chest, soul in my eyes, fire in my belly and a pride so swollen that I double in size. That is what you empower me to do. Through the courage and dignity you show every single last day, without exception. When you open those big brown eyes this day, feel both seen and adored. Such is never anything less than uttermost from your Lion love in London. As we know, Richard means ruler, leader, king and powerful, and you make me all four simply by wearing your own crown so beautifully. Worshiping thine name is more natural to me than breathing ever was. And I shall do so for an eternity beyond my last.




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. Reading this example of true love and the influences upon you Richard, I feel like there’s a chest-burster trying to make it’s appearance! You’re both incredible people, incredible writers and I deeply admire your talent for speaking your truths with no holds barred. Gorgeous photograph too, very pensive.

    1. Thank you Freckles. Truly. My heart is as pure as snow and Grey’s delicate hands keep it safe and warm. I love her my sister, as you know well, with every beat. And you have always celebrated this and us so beautifully.

      Thank you cannot even begin to be enough where you are concerned. You are so true, so pure of soul, and we both flat out adore you. Infinitely. Oh, and yes. The photo. Makes Lion weak at the hind knees every time. Exquisite.

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