Heavy As She Bleeds

Heavy As She Bleeds is performance art. For optimum experience, scroll to the foot of the poem to watch a live reading.

I see dead people but they don’t see me
Can’t see the woods so I cut down the trees
Give me the elbow, I’ll break both your knees
Like me a small fry, I melt on some cheese
Tell me I can’t and I’ll do as I please
Tell me I can and you’re alright with me
Tell me a tale and I’ll come back with three
Wish me to fail and I’ll fucking succeed
Some call it ganja and I call it weed
Some call the shots, I can dial them at speed
Some like it hot, I prefer me a breeze
Some walk on stilts, I prefer the trapeze
Write me a cheque, I’ll defer it with ease
Bite on my neck and I’ll probably bleed
Got your last laugh and that shit’s not on me
Had I not mentioned I’ve got HIV
Sick sense of humor with lesions that weep
Who is to say we can’t say what we see
Lodge a complaint and I’ll feign sympathy
Puppy dog eyes as I free up the leash
Lay the ground rules and I’ll lay down the siege
Clean out my closet, dust up on misdeed
Take me to school and I’ll make sure I’m free
Teach me a lesson but don’t you dare preach
Hand me machete, I’ll cut down these reeds
Clear out a pathway before you proceed
Go for a dip and I’ll try not to peek
Suck on my dick and I’ll fuck out your teeth
That reminds me, what the fuck is a queef
Back in the day things were easier see
Spade was a spade and a diamond forever
Joining the club and with heart on my sleeve
Never have been one to follow the sheep
Lambs to the slaughter they mystify me
Whatever happened to freedom of speech
Fucking entrapment and ignorant pleas
Do and we’re doomed to fail miserably
Feeding the monkey, conceding defeat
I see dead people, six senses extreme
Used to have five then I found me a key
Unlocked a door to the matrix of me
Did in one movie what most do in three
Rebooted systems and set Zion free
Partially barmy, all artist with teeth
Life of the party and deadly on speed
Fatal in beauty, disgraceful in beast
Break me an egg and I’ll infect the yeast
Break me mid-flow and I’ll make your shit cease
Bat my shit up and dig into the crease
Good luck with catching the shit I release
Fading to grey and I’m playing for keeps
Hired gun to some and I do not come cheap
Call it my bad if my prices are steep
Take a rain check, you can pay me next week
Standing defiant like pipe hitting fiend
Ever compliant to science of sleep
Once had a nightmare that I have a dream
Woke up in fright around quarter past three
Places to visit and people to see
You bring the strawberries, this cat got the cream
Some of the shit that I say is obscene
Veering away from the same fucking scene
Blame it on Bateman, I’ll tell you for free
Not if you wish to hold onto your spleen
I see dead people, they’re all about eve
I see the poison they feed us you see
I see the bullshit, the hypocrisy
Perhaps that is why I would die for my breed
Courting the madness, protecting the peace
Eating the rich and drip-feeding the meek
Lending a voice to the voiceless to speak
Time to blaze up, see you same time, next week

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Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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