A Most Timely Communion





Ours is the marriage of light and of darkness
Only you and I can truly apprehend
The immense power we harness
Both reside in the hearts of we two poets
Both preside over the souls of we two artists


The mists they doth hang
And the trees they doth bend
The sight of the blinded
Our steps doth befriend


Divinity that greets no end
Affinity to beast condemned
Well learned is the tongue with which we commend
To teach the less to greater comprehend


We form light
Forge darkness
Create delight
Ill-fate calamity
From Garden of Eden to the Gates of Insanity
We do so with minds irreproachable of vanity


Tis through words that we try
Beside words we shalt die
Resurrected through art
Protected by both the light and the shade in our hearts


Ne’er waylaid whilst we ponder advances
Serenading through the mist of lingering glances
Leading the merriest wandering dances
Bleeding light into shadow
And shadow into light
Beginningless day and endless night


The Second Coming hath long been foretold
Many a disciple their cheap lives hath sold
Howbeit, since we elect to be so bold
A trinity shalt be the faithful scripture extolled


Ours is the marriage of good and of evil
Only you and I can challenge those crude and deceitful
Twin flames burn fiercer in throes of upheaval
Can thread the bare truth through the eye of a needle


Ne’er waylaid whilst we ponder our advance
With hearts of shield and fingertips lance
Assuming the very sturdiest of upright stance
Exhuming light from shadow
And shadow from light
Husband and bride of both day and of night


This is our calling
This is why both sides hath blessed our sweet union
We hath been chosen not to kneel at the altar
But stand and be counted
As we take our most timely communion




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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