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Noir Deco “Cyberpolis”





Thanks for stopping by to peruse our latest joint
We appreciate that time is money so will keep this short and to the point
Like fuck will we
How could we possibly cut a long story short with such a multitude of fraught thoughts on course to walk the plank?
We could cherry pick the best bits and leave you all to fill the blanks
But that’s like thanking the kindly bank teller just to stab the old dear in the back


We’d rather you recline with a nice glass of red wine and resign yourselves to the fact that we back black with our whole stack
We spin the wheel of misfortune and endorse each ghoul that haunts us
As they force us to face up to that which appears to insist on daunting us
With the hair of the dog and the shell of a tortoise
We can make it through the night without being forced out by gawking corpses


Of course, this all depends on our allegiance to a cause which flaunts its rigor mortis just to forge a gorge within our psyches
Shadows may well be weightless but this is not to say we take them lightly
Neither do we see the shame in taking counsel with them nightly
It might be classed as morbid to offer up our full endorsement to these frighteners
But that’s what recurring nightmares are for right?


These meet and greets succeed in leading us into temptation
Just to see if we can cease retreat and please them into reawakening
The darkness exists within you see and we will not see it black listed
As we have sifted through our blackest hearts and the balance swiftly shifted
If that makes us sadistic then we’re just fine with this statistic as such mystique plays misty for those who get tipsy on said misdeed
Even demon seeds need sufficient air to breathe
And this is why we take our absent leave and then proceed to feed these beasts


With leases now signed, it’s right about time to walk a whole new line which redefines us
No longer spineless, no longer mindless to the kind of lies that mankind tries to blind us with
We see through their deception and this only strengthens our connection to the tissue which prevents us from relentlessly repenting
You could say that we’re venting and yes, we guess we do feel rather blessed to get a few things off our chest
Curses are much like hearses as they travel in procession
A convoy of conjoined pains which aim to chase away those blessings
But only if we let them


If you can’t beat them, join them
And if defeat is not an option, then destroy them
Better yet, suggest employment, sign them up and redeploy them
Join the dots with the blood of the lost, the self-induced, the feeble flock who dock at nothingness and lose a plot they never had in the first place
It’s a fucking disgrace
And their shifting faces make us sick to the very pit they’ll burn within once we skin these twats like cats and eat their skin
They have no idea who they’re messing with
And the lesson is don’t play with fire or tell us that you meant well
As these Twin Flames have no time for games, at least not the kind that end well


No more tucked away secrets
No more hiding away
No more playing the samey games of infants
Brutal honesty
Only fiercest love
And unshakable commitment
That is what greykeeper mean to those whose voices now rejoice in fading the white noise to black
Not lacking in conviction as we tackle each affliction with bloody hearts on bloody chests and mock the crucifixion
Knocking back religion like a whiskey chaser as we fist fuck angels just to twist their halos into antlers
Damn right, the heavens couldn’t handle us


The devil needs no sympathy
We asked him see
Looked our dark lord dead in the eye
And he said
So we did
And we do
For we shall take this new skin we’re in and be using it to sin within
So you see, it really is win-win







Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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