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It is with tremendous swell of pride and joyous heart we announce that Elusive White Rabbit, L.H. Grey, and Keeper of the Crimson Quill, Richard Charles Stevens, have married souls and stand before you today as husband and bride, rabbit and lion. Naturally, given that orthodox isn’t our chosen approach to either life or art, we have decided to take this step in a manner which deviates somewhat from the customary. Currently we are separated by over 3500 miles so there has been no ceremonial service, at least not yet, as we may be mystical creatures but there are certain magic tricks even a love like ours cannot conjure. Our mortal selves shall catch up, in time, and the “official” wedding will be out-of-this-world, nay universe, of that there exists not a solitary shred of doubt. However, geographical distance need not be an issue when you have and hold a love which transcends the skin you are in entirely. And that is precisely what we have found with one another.

It may not have escaped your attention that our presence on social networks has been virtually nil over the past four months and would like to reassure you, one and all, that this has not been an act of ignorance on our part. Indeed, our reason for this extended sabbatical couldn’t be more contemplative as we have needed this time to heal from a number of wounds which still remained open. When we met at the commencement of the winter passed, both of us were in free fall from events which had conspired only to leave us broken. Since then, we are incredibly proud and ever grateful to report that, while recovery is still ongoing, we have taken significant strides over the past ten months and now look forward to the future with great sense of excitement, as opposed to weary indifference. And it is our opinion that our souls have actually been married ever since the very first leap of faith we took so fearlessly together.

That being said, with the universe playing such a foundational role in the love we share, there have been no restrictions on precisely how we choose to make our eternal union “official” and celebrate this within our citadel, the Rivers of Grue. Given that ours is a love that transcends love so effortlessly, we decided on something a little different from the norm with regards to making vows to one another. Hence, both of us now wear one another in our own special way. We venture hand-in-hand down the left-hand path, so it seems exquisitely fitting that we decorate our wedding fingers the way that we have. The twin skulls either side of the stone worn by Grey are hugely symbolic as they reflect one another and, even more critically, protect one another at all times. As for her Keeper, well it seemed most poetic to wear his beauteous bride on the skin. Thus, he chose to paint the very vein that leads directly to said finger in honor of our spiritual transfusion.

As you will no doubt be aware by this point, we are all about the fusion. And this stretches wide and far across every leap we take together, be it romantically or professionally. Many of our works are now written through androgynous tongue as this is essentially what we amass to – one universal being which transcends gender entirely. Our presence on social networks will now be primarily under our unified pseudonym – greykeeper – and our joint Twitter account will very soon be revisited. We wish to thank all those who have seen us through this period of inactivity for not losing faith; we love you all most dearly and thank the universe every single night for the beautiful souls that we know. The ones who empower us to grow. As that is precisely how we are looking to bless others through our art, whether originating from darkness or light. Bring the voiceless together and speak in one most illustrious tongue. We have actually been very creatively active during the past four months and cannot wait to share with you all the fruit of our fresh harvest. Soon. Of that, you have our word.

Right now however, we wish to celebrate our sempiternal union in the one place where our art imparts a timeless legacy. Our Rivers of Grue. Yours too. Thus, it is with ever more tremendous swell of pride we announce that Elusive White Rabbit, L.H. Grey, and Keeper of the Crimson Quill, Richard Charles Stevens, have married souls and stand before you today as husband and bride, rabbit and lion. Our omnipotent love can and shall shine a light for others, has existed many times prior to our lifetimes, stems from the very particles deep within us, and is constantly overseen by the cosmos that brought us together in such an otherworldly manner. We have infinite plans for the future and, needless to say, they are wondrously grand. And we shall realize each and every last one; do so hand-in-hand. For this, our beloved friends and chosen family, has forever been our design. Thus, from this fine day forth, as has been so in our souls since the very start, and in the company of those who truly see us, we are eternally and universally wed as one.




  1. A work of the purest love between two diamond souls, this made me want to tattoo Greykeeper on myself to conclude the story!! I feel your heart’s palpitations during this exciting time for you both…hand in hand down the left-hand path.

  2. In Aeternum Te Amabo

    With this mystical ring and your color on my skin
    I pledge my undying oath to you dear
    You have my whole heart
    Have done since the very start
    And I swell with pride more than ever before to be officially betrothed to you dear

    This ring and ink is my promise
    To love you light years beyond mere reasonable expectation
    No limits or ceiling
    Second thoughts or split feelings
    Just one solitary sincere and downright fearless declaration

    I love you
    So much more than enough to die in your arms
    To kill in your name
    To fight to the goriest of ends for your honor
    For I burn brighter than ever before alongside my Twin Flame
    And we shall waltz forevermore as the violin plays

    This concerto is not somber
    Nothing dire about these strings
    As the thing about things is that they need not be fragile
    Our wings may have tattered
    Our scars opened wide
    But a love this absolute needs but one release channel
    From my soul to yours
    On a round trip each time
    No dead ends or detours
    Just one ever-increasing circle around which these beams travel

    No put downs or knock backs
    We rebuild and we fortify
    No cracks to repair or risk of collapse
    And not a solitary thing to be daunted by
    Why ever would we fear when the precise ghosts we’re haunted by exalt us on high

    Each curse is now blessed
    Every pain has served its purpose
    For they cleared a path to our innermost souls
    And in perfect symmetry they resurfaced

    Too blinding for the mortal eye
    Perennially immortalized
    But then never anything less than utterly earnest
    As we have learned that our fates were not predetermined

    Our love certainly was
    And the universe deserves every credit for the delicate nudge that it provided
    Had been tiding us over until time to turn the lights on
    Now it guided us to the one place where we can glide like a white swan
    A dignified creature with the very purest of essence
    The calmest of waters this cygnet resides on

    With this mythical ring and your color on my skin
    You have all of me
    My mind it is yours
    Quite literally
    My body is your shrine
    My heart beats in time with yours and does so most exquisitely
    And my soul
    The most precious gift of all
    Well it is right there with you now
    Our skulls on your wedding finger baby
    An otherworldly ring for an entirely otherworldly lady

    Mine one sincere love
    Mine King and mine Queen
    The great love of mine life
    And entire constellations of others aside
    This lion doth swell with the fiercest of pride
    For that one fine day hath arrived
    When mine rabbit love becomes mine bride
    For this is our design

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