Juxtaposition of The Membrane

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Frank Sinatra “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

I believe in you
No inclination to deceiving you
No crawlspace to retreat into
Should you not see your dreams come true
My only wish to offer dues to one with far too much to lose to not give clues as to the gleam in you

I see you and what’s more I would implore you do the same
Learn the player long estranged and promptly change the game
Find the range with major aim to gain acclaim for riding waves
Gliding through the strange terrain
Reacquaint past cycle phase
Take a trip down memory lane
Fame sacred writ to every vein
Lick the membrane
Touch each stain
Hear the old bones creak and strain
Breach the toll roads
Seek controlled zones
Overthrow the freak parade
Paint repose a deeper shade
Propose a far more peaceful reign
Action that which self-decree forbade
Call out each doubt masqueraded
Fallout means illegal trade
Taste the sour in sweet charade
Then reenact the theme pervaded
I see you and what’s more would implore you do the same
Take the encore by the reins and promptly change the game

I believe in you
No inclination to misleading you
Should you not see your dreams come true
Then I shall rue the death of bloom
My final breath requests of you the dressing of belief anew
Yet only you can repossess the best of you depressed
Only you narrate the ancient text

I see you in each shade and hue
Would never once create undue illusion
Underestimate the depth and breadth of your contusions
Leaving you perplexed for my own questionable amusement
Make an institution of confusion and defuse the truth your eyes confide when unassigned to life’s most spiteful ruse
Far sooner shout of rightful dues than whisper frightful news
Would rather impart vital clues to where the lighted rooms reside and turn the tide to more delightful views
No wish to devour you
Too much ado empowering the true blue heart that beats retreat too hastily and wastefully when faced with blight accrued
Take it from me as I majored in acting disgracefully
Until such time as the light in confine reawakened me
Gazing on vacantly blatantly failed to solicit prevail from explicit derail
Left me implicit that nothing exquisite could ever result from freemasonry
Spent two decades chasing dreams with laces tied together
Fell straight through the never and endeavored then to head to some place better
Had to play go-getter as my destiny was hanging from a thread so aimlessly that fate was inhumanely placed to sever
Frailty is endearing once we near the chasm’s ledge
This is where we hedge our bets and all too often drop our heads
I see you in pride of place where only angels dare to tread
Take a gracious leap of faith and fame each fabled teardrop bled

I believe in you
No ruse perused for my own health
For one fine day you may believe yourself
Unlock the potential with credentials to lend sense and feeling
To the exponential growth so indisposed revealing
Skies propose no limit
Life need not be quite so finite
Should you reach for stars and come to pass no ceiling
I believe in you
Now get to gleaming

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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