Bullet Train

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Chuck Berry “Downbound Train”

All aboard the bullet train…

Here we go again, this one is surely off the rocker
Feel free to set the trend and recommend a good head doctor
Good luck making ends meet, it is something of a shocker
One day it may blow a fuse and I could well come a cropper

Drop a hint or two and I shall pick up all the pieces
Scrutinize the fine print, Dot the “I”s, sign off releases
And should the cure be worse than the disease is
Then I’ll go back to the storyboard and change my goddamn thesis
Always learning see, greasing gears to keep cogs turning
My guitar it gently weeps, helps me to sleep while beds are burning
With each mistake I make, I must surely still be learning
More than yearning know-how as to what this is concerning

Searching for something long since left behind
Once there was a time when I was deemed one of a kind
No longer quite the child, yet still I find the time to pine
With scent of fresh lilies through a fog that ties me blind
I find my way, cast disarray aside
Say overdue goodbyes to stubborn pride
Grab myself a chicken thigh and make that southern fried
Lick my fucking fingers as damn right I’m dignified
Ain’t nobody gonna break this stride
Want my advice, I say just let me ride

Not sure on destination but the journey should provide some thrills
Pardner there be gold in them thar hills
Know all too well and better still, I lead a life that kills
Not dressing that one up in evening frock of fancy frills
But I do possess the will to stop the rot before the closing chills
With these here skills, can pay some fucking bills
To many I may come across conceited
And that shit never fails to get me heated
Been defeated many times, stood accused of petty crimes
When the eyes they tell no lies, it’s advised that we believe them

Knowledge need not lend to condescension
Honesty is beautiful, need not create a tension
Gritted teeth means passion and there’s no less cruel intention
And who’s to say this ain’t to be my last shot at redemption
Not to mention, the only one I deemed worthwhile of taking
Until now, I’ve been culpable of faking

Waking up in some other dude’s skin
Making his mistakes and wearing out his stupid grin
Ignorant as bliss to the potential deep within me
Smiling ever thinly as it appeared the lesser sin
Wouldn’t know resurgence less I ate my food too quick
With all intent and purpose, I was something of a dick
Would run the entire length of a meadow just to fetch a stick
That is until I turned the winning trick

Clearly I’m a little sick, may wish to clean that bedpan
But I can make you think some and deliver this in deadpan
Sometimes I see dead people, what’s scary is they’re living
Doomed to ever walk the earth in shoes no longer fitting
Rules permitting, sitting ducks set to get plucked and fucked
Out of luck, about to come unstuck come next thanksgiving

Living on a prayer left me nursing heavy bleed
That God my life would spare appeared unlikely most indeed
Thus, I bit the hand that feeds to see how he would like it
Fucker tried to push his dirty thumbs inside my eye slits
The promised land may well be grand but checked the seating plan and I am clearly uninvited
Damned to hell but damn well reignited
No question, I am some way off my rocker
But surely that makes me all the more fascinating cocker

Know a good head doctor, well then send them my regards
And don’t forget to leave a trail of business cards
The human mind ain’t rocket science
The brain a mere appliance
Too much over-reliance and we overlook the one true prize
Look deep into these eyes of mine
Get lost and you will find me

A soul one time confined, now redesigned to shine most brightly
Bare feet that kiss the ground so lightly
Reinforced belief that gathers nightly
Thunder it awakens me, then crashes down beside me
Have never read a single book you’d find in any library

As sun reclines, the moon it holds on tightly
Was placed here to do more than nod politely
Those who know me well have an idea just what that might be
Said souls they always know just where to find me

We have now arrived at our destination, please mind the gap…

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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