There’s Always Sodomy

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Public Enemy “Harder Than You Think (Instrumental)”

How’s this for a headline
Fuck the deadline
Much rather join the bread line
Than subscribe to what they’re selling

Had quite enough of fake news, sick and tired of tabloid media
Should I need an answer quick, then I shall fire up Wikipedia
Used to feed the monkey but the monkey’s getting greedier
Could it be we are headed for Tragedia

Seedier and seedier, I see what’s going on here
Something’s got us all on edge and clearly don’t belong here
All they do is print mistruth with no proof whatsoever
Build you up to knock you down, write lies and disrespect ya

CNN can suck a dick, that’s how they get their stories
There is no end to what they’ll print, no hole they’ll find no glory in
Paparazzi – fifty yards, with not so much as calling card
These Nazi tards should be disbarred from actions causing grievous harm

Thirty silver pieces in their grubby little palms
Going home to tell the kids they mingle with the stars
Ruining entire lives just to feel a bit like spies
Doing so bereft of the bare minimum of charm

What’s the next thing trending, pending judgement from the masses
Do viruses become more aware each time that Windows crashes
Seven billion subscribers lining up before the fascists
Done with being spineless, it’s no time to be impassive

Walking down the alley blind
Our right of way has been declined
Someone has to see the signs
Or have we been lobotomized
Tell black it’s white for long enough and it will tell all kinds of massive lies
With not a thought for lessons taught or fracture that it underlies

Time to break disguise, tell shit precisely how it is
So much goddamn ignorance and shocking dearth of bliss
Majority inordinate charmed by the serpent’s kiss
Kicked off back at Eden and has ever worsened since

The bullshit that they’re feeding imparts taste upon the lips
The fact we call them gutter press suggests what that taste is
Something has to change before we wind up on slave ships
With no one but ourselves to blame for lending an assist

Chinese whispers all around
Bad news moves quick when passed around
Need a voice
Just ask around
Or have your own and make that count
Once we begin to figure out the what’s really going down
Then we can shout out twice as loud
And drown these  cronies out

It’s all about free speech, you see
Not practicing what others preach
Just to follow trend that day
Surrendering our right to say
Suspended from our puppet strings
It’s over once the fat chick sings
Can already hear the violins
As the many command the majority

No need to holler loudest to deliver with authority
Just need to use our wits and we can win back the monopoly
Have our say and find a way to gain back some autonomy
If all else fails, we guess there’s always sodomy

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. I totally agree. Goldblum is an awesome actor, totally fascinating. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the posts, things are gonna heat up from hereon in. Sin-cerely, the Keeper

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