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Scroobius Pip “You Will See Me”

There are many ways to tell a tale but far fewer to tell a compelling tale
One of congenital origins which transcends hereditary wiring
A story so inspiring that it starts a fire which then starts another
And not the kind inclined to see us suffer as we buffer
Scroobius Pip, my brother 
You do not know me yet
But something you once said struck a chord affording sight where once my eyes remained screwed tight to something locked down deep inside of me
You will see me
Were your words
And I had heard them all before
But never once delivered with such clarity and sincerity
With raw emotion bleeding through the very pores of pure integrity

I sat there pensively for seven minutes while you carefully caressed through prose that tested the very best of me
Results were inconclusive
Theoretically speaking I was tweaking for a fix of something bleak, uncompromising
As I watched you rising like a fucking Zeppelin, I began to question a reckoning which up until then had been deafening
A pain long since embedded in then started to subside
Your eyes were clearly not inclined to telling swelling lies
And your enhanced stance then advanced my state of mind until such time as this wide-eyed man-child stood a thousand stories high
For that, and just that alone, you are a personal hero of mine
And, while we’re at it, you can upgrade that shit to bona fide

Not looking to split hairs but perhaps local hero would be more fitting
I know right?
What are the odds of that
Fairly stacked one would imagine
Now geographically speaking, you’re a mere brick away in the wall
And you are living, fire-breathing proof that Stanford can hope after all
What you have done with guts and passion is trash every one of the spastic detractors looking to hold you back
Stand up with chin up and be counted
Wear your scars like tribal war paint
Apply more weight to your wordplay than a thick-skinned Nordic lord with ore veins

Your versatile verse is reform aimed and the scores gained are insane in a sane kind of way
Like Novocaine, you numb the pain by using it to lubricate every word you choose then to articulate
Faster than a martyr breaks out in stigmata
You fastened my seat belt, illustrated why I need not stall my starter motor when I could be damn well hydroplaning
It’s not like you’re complaining as you state your case with grace and poise
Thus making the kind of choice noise that simply can and will not be ignored
I know what it is that you are brawling for
For I too am right in the thick of it
Have seen way more than I should have seen
Enough to make a Buddhist freak
And do you know what, I am goddamn sick of it too

I suffer from depression and would guess that shit’s acute
Have learned and relearned the same life lesson
And it makes me wanna fucking puke
They know me as the Keeper and I like to play with oncoming traffic
Sure beats sitting static while the tailback slowly worsens
This here is dress rehearsal for a conversation I have blind faith we shall be looking back on twenty years from this fine day
I see you and what’s more revere you for all you have achieved
With grafting hands that bleed
And the kind of gift that can make most poets weep
Thus, it seems only keen to seize this moment and frame that shit as one to keep
Courtesy of greykeeper

Here’s the thing, you see
You see, there just so happens to be two of me
I’m the Keeper
My twin flame’s name is Grey
And our souls engage in ways most inconceivable
This here is a dark fusion
We have many in our Citadel
The Rivers of Grue you may not know well but warmest welcome in advance
Grey’s art and prose is some way off the chain and these two freaks stray even farther from the leash
As a single entity we unleash with brutal honesty and live to bleed as we’ve long since bled out already
Currently you’re only seeing me but it is she who is actually feeding the words to my voice box as we speak, so to speak
Basically it’s a two-for-one on chosen tongue
That is quite some USP as I’m sure you will agree
And we are all about uniqueness
Which perhaps is why we see you so damn clearly

You see, we very nearly didn’t make it
Couldn’t seem to shake the feeling we were wasted not creating
That for all our cursed endeavors, it was art that could help us break this jinx
And we would not shrink away from the one last chance we predicted well worth taking
Staking a claim on our damaged little brains we made the gray matter matter again
Jumped straight back in the saddle again only now with a spotter to shatter against
Picking up each scattered piece we began to gather speed
Indeed, the game began to change through every last master-key we crafted
No longer quite so shafted, it was art that drafted a blueprint
With our two-strong tool kit locked down tight
Damn right we would use it shrewdly
Figured that we have accrued leave from a society which screws us over
Fuck the mediocre, we were not about to choke this time
Thus, your sober rhyming couldn’t have been more timely

Here’s something that you don’t tell a stranger every day
We hail your motherfucking bones Sir
For we see the cause you’re fighting for and it happens to tally up grand with our own Sir
While terribly quaint in our respective prairie homes, we have fires to inspire and twin-flamed need just to be seen
It is our sincere belief that we possess a voice which echoes yours exquisitely
If respect is earned, then Distraction Pieces alone made you a mint from greykeeper
So you see, we simply had to offer a little introdiction of our own
Say hello and thank fuck for what you do as what do is fucking matter bruv
And, should you find the time to chime your thoughts
Then we already know that you will see us

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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