To Life – Within Death

To Life – Within Death was written in February 2018 and has remained unpublished here until now.


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I followed the trail of entrails
To my left

It led me directly to you
My love

I clung to the shadows
Appreciative guest

For the chime of the knell
It rung true
My love

Not a mute acolyte

You are the darkness that
Tempers my light

Destroyer of day and
Employer of night

Truth in your left hand and
Dare in your right

Drifting through mist with the
Blackest of eyes

You lifted my chin
Pressed your
Lips against mine

Imparted a kiss which requested
I die

Buried me smiling
Then breathed me to life

Up until then
Had survived in the light

Deprived of the darkness
My pilfered birthright

Had no idea I could
Live for the kill

You made it clear
I’d get stiff on the thrill

Clung to your shadow
Appreciative guest

For tears that I bled were
Your hue my love

We followed the trail of
Entrails to our Left

And it led us to
Rivers of Grue my love

A Citadel stood in the heart of
Sheer darkness

You mounted your steed
Duly grasped on the harness

Rode this fine beast
To the throne room post-haste

Perched yourself down in your
One rightful place

I’d die and then die and then
Die once again

To reign by your side
With crown atop mane

God only knows
How many you’ve slain

Saints sodomized as they
Earned this disgrace

Not one to let gushing geyser
Go to waste

Arterial spray you then
Piss in their faces

That is downright
Disgraceful behavior

Which in certain terms makes you
My savior

This summer’s fashion bears
Last winter’s flavor

Thus, opted to
Birth in the spring

Dashing through lilies with
Blackest of eyes

You made me a lion
Instilled me with

Braided your shade to each
Flickering light

Then breathed me
To life
Within death

I know that pure evil
Exists within you

I know that pure evil
Exists in me too

I know my design
How this lion shall die

And when the time comes
I shall know what to do

Death is no match for
The love of the cursed

I would drink your
Grey smoke

Just to quench my own

Sever my arteries
To furnish your artistry

You hold domain of
The blackest soul’s heart of me

A Devil?
Would say so undoubtedly

If only they knew
What we do

We fashion the trail of
Entrails to our left

Bloodstained lilies
In bloom my love

I breathe in the shadows
Taste only your breath

For the chime of the knell
It rings true my love

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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