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My Liege,


Last night I faced my most grave fear
Looked dead into its eye
Felt the cold steel in my heart
And died one final time


Have no regrets
Would die again and do so minus hesitation
Not to fall upon my knees before a rising nation
Showing weakness, that which has no part in me should I believe that crimson be the coloration of this grateful heart that bleeds
The shade of things to come perhaps
And that is fine with me
For certain cause I’ll fall on sword and force the issue violently


No remorse
Not any more
No retreat and no surrender
No more shame
No one left to blame
And no more blight upon my name
Found the culprit
In the pulp of me
Felt the cold steel in my heart
And let go


Last night I faced my most grave fear
To earn dismay from one so dear
For all my cavalier bravado
Came up short on precious cargo


This was my final release
From that which has no place in me
One final leap
Consider taken
Now I bleed to see a nation rise
Belief and stride unshakable
Last night I died one final time
Thine mercy unmistakable
From blood moon cometh sunrise


You have my sword
My shield
My spear
You have my heart
No longer bled with fear
One crimson tear
Is all I shed
Now I see clearly, fearlessly


Blessèd be the blood moon
For it led me back to you a Spartan king
Last night I died one final time
With battle-hardened reasoning
To truly see you rise my Liege
And stand tall by your side
With warrior ethos, unshakable stride
Bequeathed birthright
Beneath the crimson sunrise






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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