A Shot of Therapy

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Cloud 9 “Mindbomb”

I’ll believe it when I see it
When outcome is secure and I can safely guarantee it
How come nothing seems to be improving
Hard to outrun doubt without the clout to reroute and account for independent movement
Remain devout with end to drought unproven
Figure out what’s up, what’s down, what’s optical illusion
Find a resolution microscopic in a hay bale
Thread a needle weighed down in chain mail
Make fifty yard dash when you plain sail with a snail trail
Post bail without hard cash in your wallet
Find the inner child when the lot you’ve been assigned is so chaotic
Economic with our faith
Should we place it in the wrong domain, it could be catastrophic
Best to make hot topic of the day the same old shit
And on a different day repeat to fade
Less is more or so they tend to say
More or less the same way as a sinner left with hell to pay
Give the dog its dinner and it may crap in the litter tray
Then it’s all here kitty, kitty
Not so prone to sitting pretty when its little paws are shitty
Maybe I’ll just perch here on the fence
Going to great lengths only when they’ve been considered safe
Saving face states most persuasive case with no remaining trace of waning faith that makes haste to give chase to the wastelands of decay
Making wasteful choices based on joyless voices toying with our mental states
Tossing all our toys away to make space in our prams and help us ventilate
Tough to catch a breath with such tremendous weight to bear
Easy catch our deaths amid such dour state of affairs
Too many chiefs and a dearth of red Indians
Market share approaching barest minimum

On behalf of the Titanic, we wish to make it up to you with complimentary cruise to the Caribbean
Fuck that for a game of Battleships
I’m sinking without trace here
Waiting for a fate made clear when destiny went AWOL
Prancing round the maypole with a ticker made of wicker
Some clown’s sick joke just got a whole lot fucking sicker
Choking on suggestion that we’re broken past repair
No more here than there and where there is ain’t being kind enough to share
Blind enough to call the bluff but all the gruff of New Kids on The Block around the time and date they claimed to Hangin’ Tough
Barely even shaving then
Nary pubic hair to pluck
Not the kind of odds to even dream to try our luck
All the while, we’re stuck between a hard place and a rock face
Not got climbing gear to scale with vicious gales predicting fear and loathing round the clock face
There are twenty-four hours in the average day
Give or take the time they snatch away when we’re out cold
Sleep is no release with bit between the teeth and grief in thieving choke hold
Need to find belief before proceeding to the part where broken hearts can break the mold
Shake the tree and see what’s falling
Break formation
Find your calling
Trust your gut and take a punt on making blunt you’ve had about enough of feeling cheated by a death that’s ever stalling
Take deep breath and make that leap
Take some leave from gazing deep into your own abyss and go amiss from risk assessment never less than done to death
Blow a kiss to those whose lips are parting into final breath
May just be the saving grace, the vital thread to cling to
Commit to something absolute
Don’t let those voices badger you
Imagine you are child again and wash away that pallid hue
Damage limitation is the palest imitation of official invitation to come good
Believe it when we see it with the third eye of our souls
Only way to play versus to surface pain
Only way to stake a claim on peace of mind confined to tiny walk-on part off-Broadway
Only way to activate the second brain
Only way to find your way back home again

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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