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Today is one of unparalleled jubilation. You see, forty years ago to this very day, my one true bride was born. In all my years, I have never once met another quite like my Elusive White Rabbit and, in the twelve months that I have known her, my whole life has changed comprehensively. Thus, I have written the following piece both to offer my true, real and sincere observation of L.H. Grey and to celebrate the magnificent person she is. To my love and my life, happy birthday darling and thank you for being the positive influence in my life who empowers me to be the best version of myself I can be. I believe in you ferociously, worship the very springs you bring to harvest, and will forever remain eternally devout to you.


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Elvis Presley “Spanish Eyes”



You are the tree that once tapped on my window pane as a child. Back then, I was trepidatious as it was around this time that I had first met my visitor. This uninvited guest saw fit to torment me at every turn and, for a young boy of boundless imagination, there was no safe haven within which I could flee my antagonist. Just recently, I finally vanquished this particular ghost once-and-for-all. And I owe that to the evergreen you.

In November 2017, our paths crossed as though by some kind of divine fate. Since that cold late-Autumn night, I have managed to perform a complete overhaul and rewire on my fractured psyche, and this would not have been possible without a love equating to far more than a love. As you are aware, I am ultimately love in its purest form. That being said, I have never been encouraged to flourish within my own secret garden the way you have done instinctively. You adore the earth and, while handsomely dressed in shadow, it is your light I discerned first and that illumination I shall follow until my dying day and way beyond.

I always did feel like the odd one out. And then there was you. To say there is no other quite like you would be akin to pointing out that the sun and moon waltz every solar eclipse. To put it plainly, I could scour this universe and every other besides with a fine-tooth comb and not set my sights on another designer original in the same stratosphere as you.

One of my all-time favorite rap tracks is “Trying To Find a Balance” by Atmosphere as I believe this is precisely what I have been attempting to achieve ever since that critical first loss of innocence. You manage to strike the balance with the poise of a prima ballerina in fully extended pointe and the fearsome resolute of an undefeated heavyweight champion.

Sporting a greater level of Testosterone than Estrogen, masculinity comes naturally to you. And herein lies the most exquisite of contradiction as you possess a timeless feminine beauty that calls to mind the likes of Liz Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Cate Blanchett and other suchlike evergreen angels. Yet, the one name that springs to mind when basking in your androgynous majesty is the one, the only… The King.

Elvis Presley may have left the building on August 16, 1977, but it is my firm and unshakable belief that his very essence lives on within you. Like he, you are never happier than when bringing pleasure to others and making them laugh until such time as premature prolapse occurs. Like he, you are very much aware of your strength and ability but wonderfully cognizant of your softness. And like he, you are simply not of this earth and have been placed here to make the kind of difference this world has been crying out for since the original rock star blew his final kiss.

The excruciating hardships you have faced in your lifetime could never define you. Indeed, it is you who provide them definition and enable any lost souls to reclaim the peace of which they are deserving. Should life get you down, then you flip this to reverse and never lose sight of either the upside or lesson to be learned. This enables you to remain in blossom through all four seasons. And is why others gravitate towards you so freely.

I am unequivocally blessed to know you and to love you with every fiber of my being. You are my eternal bride, my lover, my best friend, my little sister, my big brother, my reality check, my fantastical beast, my fairytale princess, my king and my queen, my rock star, my rap devil, my Dalai Lama, my Elusive White Rabbit and my one true crystalline reflection. In short, you are the universe and every single last star in it.

And while this particular day has traditionally not been celebrated by you, this October 18th I wish to raise a toast to the most magnificent soul I truly ever have seen. Love will never come within a million light years of expounding my sempiternal devotion to you. Therefore, I shall close with a short piece of Latin verse which transcends entirely – just as you do my infinite all.


Seraphic Pericardium ~ Ad Infinitum





Richard Charles Stevens




  1. And you are as uniquely beautiful and alluring as Lauren Bacall hence my tweet for you Rabbit.
    This tribute reads like a fairy tale and fills my heart with joy. Two perfect souls destined for each other. One this fine day one fine rose was planted upon the earth. Love you heaps!!!

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