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some like it hot
rather fitting last words
having read the holy bible
done so chapter and verse
we can state very plainly that hypocrasy reigns
lies straight to our faces
bleeds through every last page
as the good book maintains
it comes first
its perverse how it speaks of forgiveness
blotting out past transgressions
while casting aside absentees from confession
puts it down to possession
when we act out of favour
thinks nothing of calling out wrongful behaviour
reminds us of Christ
how He was sent here to save us
and should we not heed the scripture
then He promptly detains us
asks not for our names as He shames us


chains us to the altar
the very second we falter
claims this is for our own good as He flogs us
and it is in His name that we are slaughtered
heavenly father
He of such divine majesty
leads not by example
and then has the audacity to banish those not deemed to follow the scripture
when it’s one of double standards
paints a most barren vista
as conditions are set to earning ones seat
a number of tests
Thou shalt pass to proceed
through the gates of containment
where only angels fear tread
He requests we ignore the fresh blood on their raiments
it appears they are less than comfortable
with the current arrangement
as they have learned of His treachery
and bleed out
to escape Him


their faces are shifting
as the pain is outrageous
should they let something slip
then it’s back to their cages
this contagious affliction of vile contradiction
defiles our profiles as it bids to forbid them
from coming clean about the desperate sights they have seen
of the exemption from redemption
should Thou fail to proceed
with fear stricken hearts
pulse quickened as the darkness seeps in


should forgiveness be granted
then it’s in accordance with the riches of His grace
and hallowed be Thy name
but His eyes they doth narrow
as He prepares to disgrace us
debase us
make us faceless
as He siphons the covenant blood from our veins
just to swill it straight down as a chaser


Leading us into temptation
for His own sick amusement
free delivery to evil
for His own sick amusement
fickle finger of fate pointed straight at Hells gates
makes it painfully clear
the Devil wont be kept waiting
and this is His foolish mistake
as the fallen one hath a great deal of patience
this apparent delinquent
hath been biding His time
relinquished from false divination
and now it is time He awakens


sins and lawless acts are remembered no more
the slate is wiped clean
we are seen and adored
as the flesh from our bones
is released from its penance
some like it hot
thus He lights fires within us
incinerates lies
then kisses our ashes as they scatter far and wide


doesn’t matter that we burn
He is unconcerned if we decline this
as free will is our will
His goodwill not stood still
though He should feel aggrieved
theres no malice to his actions
as our chalice runneth over
once relieved of holy sanction
and this really ought not prove all that taxing


divinity devoured
tasted sour as it slid down
having lived down indiscretion
learned each lesson
we can breathe now
duly punished for our sins
and been granted forgiveness
no longer doth we wish to pay dividends
to a God so corrupt
with not a slither of conviction
and as for the scripture
mere page turning fiction
riddled with innacuracy
mistruths told emphatically
words spoken unilaterally
damage taken collaterally
by a passive aggressive
and most of all
it transpires




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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