Beast-Like Mentality

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Zwan “Number of The Beast”

The drugs don’t work
They just make shit worse
Let us think we are winning
While changing our plea to insanity
What they haven’t considered is
This breeds a winner’s mentality

We very much know where the livestock is
Move stealthy like ninja to gloat over many throats we can slit
The one dude on earth you don’t pick a fight with is the one you could knock on his ass fifteen times yet he still just won’t quit
Now double that up for a dual trouble hit
greykeeper mutated, daresay we look great in our new-spangled skin
Evidently, it was always within

Took some critical hits
Thus we scribed alphabetical list of each one of our grievances
Taped to our fists, we then kicked these pricks straight in the shin splints

First course of action
Cut out the sorry meds
Had a cleaning spree throughout our densely foggy heads
And locked eight-pointed antlers

Seemed no crying shame taking hiatus
As we made a clean break like a pair of spring breakers
Applied our rear brakes
Then assessed all skin breaks
Hit up our whims to see where they would take us

This led us to the Vestibule of Fusion
Refusing entry to each past foregone conclusion
No need to undergo drastic life-saving surgery
Simply rewire controlled circuitry
And merge to emerge with a newfound primal urgency

Prowling the surrounding fibers of your nice clean psyche
Making you drowsy as we vow to attack but give no indication as to just when that might be
Sprouting stag antlers from the divots in our spines with no inclination towards going lightly
Asking politely just to spitefully decline a reply

Eyes roving as we pry inside and access grey areas
Jaws snapping precariously like a pair of terriers
Determining terminal errors and deferring them until we can burn them in bulk
Nothing short of terminal as murderously we skulk

But it is here the plot thickens, no place for a kicker
For all those aroused by our skins growing thicker
You see, there still remains a vague flicker of humanity
This flame of ours can never be extinguished
To put it in plain English
This pair of insane linguists long relinquished itchy skins in the interest of just one single crazy little thing with wings of dove
And this pair of beast-like mystics
Custom fit divine stylistics hand in glove

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Well accounted Keep!
    I shall have a tick or two of my own for you come October 31st…….
    Better than last years A Tale of Two Quills,
    These ones will give you a few little thrills.
    Dark Delights and a snicker of two,
    Cause that’s how it goes when you become Grue!!!
    In a Blink of his eye she was gone like the Flash
    Off to create a Mock Birthday that all teeth could nash.
    He knew not to poke or prod with a stick
    as the beast would come out and lap him up quick.
    Now off to the lab to get the fire going
    the wheels are in motion
    and won’t stop the chruning
    the fire is lit and here comes The Burning!!!

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