Advent of Infinite Spring


Title art by Konstantin Makovsky



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Susumu Yokota “Tobiume”





In the gardens of Atlantis
She dances
And plays

This verdant green far departed from
Crops of canker

Her heart of fancy… a hedge maze of
Cosmic sprawl

This magnificent mosaic rich in the emulsion of
Long forgotten footprints

Nowise doth it ache and yearn
For She knows of the roses primeval secret


Said rosette nestled Arcadian
Within the vase
In charmed faith and forbearing

Until such time as another flower
Deemed more handsome
Took its place

Seething with rage
The roses stem contorted
Into barb of harsh thorn

Adulterated by covet to shield its
Beauteous frame

Once defiled by callous hands
Raped of its divinity

Admonition turned to attack
And its once snow-white petals
Stained red forevermore


In the gardens of Atlantis
She dances
And plays


Her eyes –

Glazed in honeyed nectar

The archaic remnants of a thriving civilization
Ravaged by storm tumultuous

Yet… exceeding in splendour
Of boundless worldly riches

Ifsoever set upon
Bereft of kindness

Then Cimmerian shade
Cloaks her gaze

And hellfire embellishes her


Her face –

The sweetest sonnet of argent moon
More harmonic than
The Bust of Nefertiti

This meadow of finite bloom forms
The tropical wilds of her
Lionesque lover

Fragrant and contoured with
Honeysuckle strokes

Tis studded in the dust of stars
Each grain whispering her perennial birthright


– Bride of Spring –


Her voice –

Salted and cured
Glazed and matured

Echoing billows of thick grey smoke
Rasping Aurorian blaze

Sirens lullaby
Magnetic lure to the injudicious
Skirting a precipitous drop

Deep within the mouth of her madness


Her body –

Sculpture in beeswax
Encaustic robe of the immaculate

Chiselled by Bernini
In lavish baroque
From the residue of reverie

Opulent idol of many an
Accursed architect

They endeavor to
Capture her beauty

Such grandeur cannot be


Her soul –

Butterfly of the cosmos
Wings delicate in appearance
Impenetrable thro bloodiest perseverance

Reinforced within the chrysalis
Of conception most divine

Wrapped around the fluid of time
Akin to silvered ivy vine

Unruffled as the falcons flight
With fleet of march hare and pride of lion


In the gardens of Atlantis
She dances
And plays

The jade green grass about her ankles
Doth sway

Imparting trail of
Daisy chains

This work of fine art
Serenades these handsome glades

Nature bows in her
Eminent presence

Flower faeries curtsy

While midnight creatures
Hustle and bustle
To ingest her


The gardens of Atlantis
Hath now transitioned from within

Here we dance
Here we play

Here we make love…

The Advent of Infinite Spring




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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