Strange (In A Way)

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The Doors “People Are Strange”

People are strange
I should know
Some might say I’m frightfully deranged
Hinges slack, my fade to black untimely
Token right to privacy unrighteously shortchanged
Estranged from high society, campaigned against to engage brain to waste away in violently sustaining high anxiety
Resulting in all kinds of mind decay
This violent scene untimely as I tried to take my vitamins and soon found myself spiralling towards unkind enlightenment
Should this have been entitlement
Then I’d have been within my rights to take early retirement
But vital signs were strong, my sightless eyes required to realign to find that which was blinding them and had been all along
Revitalize with leap of faith, inclined to blindly keep the faith
Partake in staking claim upon a second brain I’d learned to hide away
Chiding voices made me do it
Deep down my subconscious fucking knew it
Conscious mind confiding I was out of time, already lit the fuse and fucking blew it
Admit the truth and it would set me free
Should I be lucky, maybe let me be
Inclined to hit the booze and snooze right through until the part where bitter feuds accrued to little more than writs refused with scorn
Thank fuck for the mental porn
Without it I’d have gone doolally
Fell from grace like Mustang Sally
Faking cum face just for Harry
Tallied up my woes and sorrows
Begged to borrow faintest clue
Gone tomorrow seemed the hint
With much ado but nothing fucking new
My whole life was an ugly bruise
Clothes were torn with well-worn muddy shoes
The skin I was in didn’t fit anymore
And what’s more, I’m not totally sure that I gave single shit anymore
All out war appeared the score
Fight or flight my only choices
Knew just what the voices whispered
Carelessly to do their worst at scaring me some way past fucking shitless
Sticklers for the suffering that comes with listless buffering
And every time the quiet came, they’d pipe up
Oh, another thing
No fucking wonder I’m strange
Yet, I’ve never felt quite so sane as I do when I go against grain
Second brain in action in a fraction of the time of day it takes to chase your mind away to somewhere magic faraway
A place where inner children come and play, are then inclined to stay
The only home, sweet home I’d ever known that didn’t isolate me
No one to annihilate me
Should I break formation
No more rules and regulations
No more sodding polling stations
Rolling in the deep while singing blues and all at sea
Yet, while my life appeared to thrive on being kinda cruel to me
Had found a way to downplay decimation
Act strange said the voice in my head
Not the one that drip-fed bile and acted vile towards me just to test me
The one which led me straight back to the best me I could be
With beast in the cellar and bats in the belfry
The shadows were bulging with stealthy assailants
Trying to cut out a smile made in Chelsea
Had darkness won me over, then I would have faded fast
Snatched away my next breath, made it last
Strange how things work out as six years passed in but a second
Death has beckoned many times
Don’t reckon much on how it pries
Sometimes I flash it bedroom eyes
And let it press against my thighs
But it will never take me
Not until the time is absolutely right
Some might say I’m out of mind
I’d say I’m out of sight
Second brain in action in a fraction of the time of day it takes to while away both space and time in somewhere magic faraway
Cannot fix the blindness
But I can affix the inner sight to peek inside, confide of where the answer indisputably resides
Reputed to be somewhat strange and that’s okay as out here on the range I am precisely who I claim to be
The prose which bleeds across these pages
Culminates from many ages
Should that seem weird, then we’re in for crazy night or two before a single night is through
Celebrating that which we already fucking knew
We are freaks in this tribe
We’re unique
We’re all blind
We possess second sight
We are blessed and divine
At our best when we’re kind
At our worst when we purge
Feel the urge to confer with our demons
Through our art we have reason
Not to fall for their treason
Leave a light on for the lost
Until such time as they are found
No one left behind
When we stand upon uneven ground side by bloody side
Stranger things can happen
Once we slacken off the reins, retrain our second brains to take groundbreaking action
In fraction of the time of day it takes to find our way to somewhere magic faraway and call it home, sweet home again
Stand bare-faced in the acid rain
And watch it melt our tears away
In a way, I guess we’re nothing less than strange
And here’s the thing
You see, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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