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Zero Zero “The Sanity Clause”

tap the vein
now tap it again
flick the syringe
now we have to come clean
you may well feel a pinch
as this Crystalline compound is urethane
been known to leave a stain

anesthetic on one hand
hydro-kinetic the other
non quarreling fluids
one complementary of the other
united we work in the closest conjuncture
with smirking devotion to puncture

this breach of the peace
is hardwired to release
to address every tweak
sign it off then debrief
set you free
tear down the walls and then chop down the trees
make you see just what we see

the ooze you secrete
is a far cry from neat
and some joker cunt fucked up the balance sheet
periodic table
some way from stable
kicked over
all elements shafted
not a single clue where they’ve been drafted
subatomic particles
indefinite articles
each vein a blind alley
every pain anarchical

if possession is nine tenths of law
then you’d better jack up
that or back the fuck up
as we too need a fix
of this lemonade mix
and will not see it given
the deep six
seventh heaven awaits
with one jab
plus when you come down
you can pick off the scab
and who doesn’t do that

wouldn’t you know it
X marks the spot
and it only takes one good approach shot
to place you in delirium
with chaser of bacterium
with dash of persistence
could build a resistance
to toxins which back up your system
puke them out
we swear blind you won’t miss them
if you flush out your ears and just listen

tap the vein
now tap it again
no time like the present
for capital gain to offset every pain
two for one is the deal
we are quite the neat steal
as we happen to hardwire direct to the brain
can satisfy these cravings again and again
no two hits will ever be nearly the same
if you roll up your sleeve
tap the vein

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™


  1. I would have had to write about you anyway my Keeper. Birthday or not, I could not move forward until you knew that you are loved. *hugs you tight* As I told you before; you scared me, & then you saved me. There would have been nothing more from this Duchess until you knew the truth. <3

  2. Superb work as always my Dark Brother 🙂 words forever cut deep like razors ,always leave a mental scar,were is the closest asylum,thank you for the mention Brother,we shall need a hefty dosage of caffeine pils 🙂 …AC

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