Tears Of The Christ

Title art by Salvador Dalí

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I wear this crown of thorns
Of mine own volition
Bear this burdensome cross
As I assume mine position for
Looming crucifixion

Five Precious Wounds
Tis mine conferment this day
Both hands and feet breached by
Rusted iron nails
Securing me firmly in place

Lance driven forcefully
Through mine chest
From the side
To content a baying crowd
Who frequent these grounds
Purely and surely to see me die

Hath been despised and rejected
Endured unutterable pain
And mine own blood would not so much as glance mine way
Even though it was on account of these sins that I bore these pains
In the first place

Mercilessly beaten as result of the evil He did
Healed by the punishment I suffered
Made whole by the blows I received

Hath long since been forsaken
By mine own Father
I served him ever faithfully
Yet, He abandoned me to the
World of the dead
Howbeit, from this abandonment
Mine glory hath awakened

The scripture… it twists
To suit version of events
Scribed for thirty pieces of silver
Denying sympathy for He
From whom we are
Warned to deliver

Forgive me Father
For I hath sinned
Furthermore, I shalt dress in the
Greatest of renown
For this one selfless act sacred

And as I exhale my very last
I shalt extract great assuage
From the fact there is still
Breathing space
In a world that doth congest
With judgment and hatred

I kneel before thee naked
Swear unending kinship to thee Lucifer
Of mine own volition
Should’st it be required that I suffer
To offer food and shelter to another
Then I shalt bleed red wine
Mine flesh be bread to break
Mine bones provide the shade
Beneath which to recover

The passion of a Christ such as I is that of considerate lover
Doth bless these grounds as we sit down for one last intimate supper
And I wash thine most divine feet
In tears of the Christ

I bear this flimsy cross
Of mine own volition
Devout to no end as I
Assume mine position
Tis thine jurisdiction
Dark Angel
Mine Brother

For thine is still kingdom
Of power
Of glory

Mine life wish to see thee realise
Thine own divine vision
For ours is the
One true religion

From now until never

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. It seems there is a common bond there Keeper. Sometimes our darkness threatens to consume us, using our bones to pick it’s teeth. But there is light, and from my own experience, failed marriage, abuse, praying for death, and all, we come out changed, for the better. Stronger for all the adversity. Your happiness brings me joy, makes me fairly shout with joy. Keep shining your light. I will follow willingly xoxo

  2. Superb work my dear Brother, you are a master at the art of expression…such an inspiration to me. I am having a time right now…trying to put everything into perspective. An abundance of creativity is swarming over me, forcing me to spill my blood. I timidly dip the quill in…starting to spill my passion and scribe again for me is a life changer. This whole past month I have been reeling and wallowing and entertaining new ideas, feelings, and ways I express myself. This journey is amazing. Today I have been floored just being able to read so many different stories and heart wrenching bleeds from you and the entire Grue Family. I am honored and humbled and it sets my soul ablaze. Thank you my Liege

  3. My mother has always said “Regret, hatred, are a waste of spirit”. You seem to have taken this to heart my Keeper. You stride out of the darkness every day. Thank you so much for taking me with you.

  4. Such a well written piece Brother! I can relate to you so much on this Keeper! Just when we think we have all the answers, life changes the questions. All we can do is live, learn and try to use our experiences to make today and tomorrow better. I know good things are in all of our futures. We just have to believe in ourselves and each other!

  5. Keeper, this has really moved me! It seems my path in life has always been the rocky one. Whether sickness as a child to ridicule as a teen to being a lost soul in my 20s. I’m 40 now and though troubles are still here, I’ve had one certain in my life that is Love! It’s the love you give to strangers or to friends or even to family. You give love my brother thru your beautiful words and that is priceless. Love begats love, so of one of many #Grueheads I LOVE YOU!

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