Allegro from the Soul




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Some of us live in the moment
Some of us never escape it
Some of us search far and wide for atonement
Others refuse compensation


Bid to be excused from time-consuming contemplation
As the views we hold are subject to postponement
The onus is on placing not a footnote out-of-place
Setting undue course then to endorse remorse and self-encroachment


We source our information from experience and learning
Thus, providing minds the lubrication come time for the screws to start turning


Yearning for answers but asking no questions
Leaving it up to self-disserving suggestion
Believe we know best
Can withstand any test
Yet, still we feel vexed as we exit stage left


Possessed by unrest owned at our own bequest
Undressed and depressed by the weight we place on our own chest
Feelings arrested best left unexpressed
Better selves swiftly bested by unwittingly requesting fallen crest


Reasons to be dismal outweigh deeds more beneficial
Seems treason to be cheerful when we feel so sacrificial


This latest charade stakes its claim to make official
The born alone and die alone mentality
Owning lonely hearts we then disown outgrown vitality


It’s insanity to reach this juncture, prone to groaned compunction
For worst prepared, this curse ensnares, impairing basic function


Though we all tend to host voices, we really need not toast their choices
Much depends on whether we extend intent to trust them
Swords unsheathed can leave one cleaved depending where we thrust them


Guilty as charged we may very well be
But consider the isolated jury
Need we serve their sentence, when forgiveness swerves repentance
One thing to be responsible for others’ redemption
Quite another when expelled through self-exemption


The universe observes, immersing those who nurse its verse
Those composed to blessing, dressing down coerce to curse
Best foot boldly forward as neither we decree to be our worst


Believe in you, believe in me, we make-believe to truly see
Rewrite each chapter and in rapturous verse
Dismember our captors and once again remember our own worth


The universe observes, much prefers unspoken word
Can sharpen our perception once the edges start to blur


It’s a mad world, no question
Would court madness not to concur
But mad hatters can be bulletproof
And you’re sat before the living proof


You see, I deal only in truth most acute
The quill it freely spills goodwill to souls of free will absolute
Search the stars, research their stance, discern your one true path
Put every moment first
For it need never be your last






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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