A Friend, Indeed


Dedicated to my dear friend and soul sister, Sharon Lawson. You may be the Valium Freak here within the Rivers, but you will always be Mouse to me.




A friend in need is a friend indeed
And you are indeed a friend to me
Not just that, the very finest
You’ve seen me at my best as you have seen me at my worst
However, you only ever see the best in me
Nothing to contest
No reason to suggest that you are anything but just who you attest to be
I aim to be in awe until my parting breath expels, thence breathe once more


Know well your soul, it glows to tell a thousand tales of ships set sail
Both pure and true, it speaks on thine behalf in half the time it takes to formulate a sentence
Your verse is therefore endless
Each word of mute is steeped in truth as such comes naturally to you
No other way exists for thee to perch upon mine window tree, in trill of sweetest tune
So few possess the essence to do what it is you do
Just be you


Not all appreciate your worth
And that would include you
Thus, tis my place to chase the shadow from your face, affording sunlight clear path through
Assisting a smile which belittles the Nile
One without a hint of rile
Ne’er defiled by self contempt or exiled to repentance
Worn with bounteous venture
Sixth sense of adventure


Hath been a fierce custodian
Been there at times whence mine smile faded
Jaded by paraded sorrow
Nowise do I beg to borrow
The same today as yesterday and mainstay for tomorrow
That, in itself, is a treasure seldom seen
Precisely why a smile you ween
Each time thine staff doth comfort me


Black night doth still come for me
Yet, ne’er once hath its daggers grazed
Medicinal thine properties
Healing balm bereft of qualm
Advice ne’er less than sage
All this despite the chronic pain and hazy shade of wintry bane
Flowers at mine grave in infinite bloom
For knowing those like you exist
Mine gratitude hath latitude
Thus, my single wish is this
My friend, indeed
Know this, you’re seen
Through eyes of keen and timeless truth
Ne’er misplace these words
You matter too




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Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. I’m that little dandelion in the garden . Always there for you glowing sunshine yellow. Undervalued little weed but weeds are tough and weeds doth must! Persistently with you always.
    This has blown me away and raised me up from my current lull. Thank you so much dear friend… friend until the bitter end x

    1. My dear, sweet Mouse. You are so very much more than welcome. Every last word from the soul and it glows on account of the light you provide it.

      I would trust you with my very last breath and know that you would keep it safe. Like you said, until the bitter end my dandy little dandelion.

  2. This is such a loving piece of work that it fills me with joy that there are such feelings between people–you for your sister, me for my wife. Thank you, Best wishes, David

    1. Thank you David. Just knowing that it does so fills me with joy. Truly appreciate your kind comment. Very best wishes, Richard

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