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Eurythmics “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)”

I let the right one in
Yet, She was always within

This visitor of mine breathed life where death had left its cleft impression
Old wounds opened wide, redressed with blessing for each cursed syringe
1000 needles stabbing, booster jabs lined up to pinch and grab
Yet, not once did they pierce my skin
Proceed beneath the fringe or form a scab
For every twinge, fears duly disappeared in sure succession
A curious obsession then set in

Devoutness shredding doubt, surmounting count and far beyond expression
Long since been corrupted through affection
Been living for the drought akin to dandelion in hailstorm
In one way, shape or form to break the norm and brave the chasing swarm
Desperate to forge sincere connection

And then there was She
Never less than stretching far and wide as wired eyes care to see
For me, quite simply perfection
Infinite of season
Indeed, quite clearly sown of self-same seedling
1000 heedless needles, lined and primed for needling – Spent, receding
Neath the emblem of this resurrection
My very bones composing rhythm section to her sole reflection
My life proposed to offer her protection

And then there was He
Infinitely handsome, I would gladly pay kings ransom
Hands on deck, would break my neck, eat broken glass and try my luck at passing shards through eye of needle merely to clear path for He
An architectural masterpiece, the likes of which out rival Ancient Greece
Sculpted from the pulp of gods, with rod and staff to comfort me
Against all odds, had found my true religion
A vision in androgyny

We let the right one in
Yet, We was always within

Two worlds colliding, striding forth with dignity and honor
On one hand Cleopatra and Adonis on the other
Betwixt the two were Libran scales, the balance struck was flawless
On this cool breeze, my hands they warmed as perfect storm then raged before us

No threat detected, nothing less than vested were my interests
To serve both He and She to very best of my ability
To love this person
Chapter, verse
Averse to mere proclivity
To worship one quite clearly of the ultimate divinity

And then We were free
Of the chains
Of the pains
Of the 1000 needles drip-feeding our veins
Misleading no more as they snap off like dry leaves in Autumn and fall at our feet
Adored for beliefs in the eyes of the voiceless, the brave and the freaks of uniqueness
We speak in one tongue and it’s spun from pure love
Should you trust us and justly receive us
Spirits bereft of beginning or end
Lending no weight to gender
We rise from the embers
Replenish forever tide ceaseless

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Something as simple as poetry had taught her that; reminded her that she had come out of this break-up both intact and primed for true contentment. Who could say where that may lead her? Nobody. And therein lay the beauty in the breakdown. She would love with a full heart, share meaningful smiles, spread cheer and positivity, and, when the time ultimately arrived, die with dignity and poise.”
    It is the small quotes such as this that helps many carry forward, the smallest sign, the small gleam of hope grows into the brightest sunny day in a glorious green pasture with cleansed air.
    Now ask me my one should “Write On” I think the answer lies within.

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